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Because I am “Cavalier” About History

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach is about to reopen. (Pilot Online) February is the target date. If you lived in Virginia Beach for any period of time, you probably have a story to tell about the Cavalier.

But there is real attention-grabbing history there, that includes the suicide of Aldolph Coors. It falls under the category of “I bet you didn’t know that!”. Here is how the Virginian Pilot summarized it in 2006:

Aldoph Coors, the founder of the Coors Brewing Company was born Adolph Kurs in Germany in 1847. He trained as a brewer and immigrated to the US in 1868, reportedly as a stowaway. Kuhrs settled in Chicago, and worked a variety of low paying jobs before changing his name to the more easily pronounced Coors and buying a brewery. Coors was a successful businessman who skirted Prohibition by selling near beer and malted milk, but he was not a happy camper. On June 5, 1929 Adolph Coors leaped to his death from a window of the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach for unknown reasons. Dan Baum, a writer for the Wall Street Journal who wrote a book about the Coors family called, “Citizen Coors: An American dynasty, says that the suicide was not surprising, seems the whole Coors Family is a little wacky. After Adolph’s death his son, Adolph, Jr was given the reins for awhile. Next in line was Adolph III, who was unfortunately murdered in a bizarre kidnapping event in 1960. Adolph III left his home and headed to his office one morning only to encounter a car on the side of the road. Apparently being the inquisitive type he stopped to help. Unfortunately, in the car was Joseph Corbett, an escaped convict from California. Corbett shot him. The rest of the craziness? You probably know most. There was the born again Coor’s heir who thought Elvira was Satanic, there was Joe Coors, what can we say about him? He divorced his wife of fifty years and married his mistress? Quit Coors to make wine?  And now that you know all that, you have another reason not to drink the beer besides the taste.

I enjoy blogging about history but when I heard this story, it always made me look at the Cavalier Hotel differently. And now, they reopen soon to continue making history.


For pic o’ day, here’s one that is also a grabber:


And one to think about!


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