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“Get a Tailor”

I often hear that we are living in difficult times. I cannot disagree. There is a lot of anger out there.  I guess that’s why I like this picture. Lessons from a dog about finding joy in living in the present!



Which brings me to some anger that came in on our website a couple of nights ago. Here was the message:

Message Body:
You have the worst commercials I’ve ever seen. Your clothes are terrible. It would benefit you to meet with clothing specialist and a decent ad agency..

How about that! I guess she doesn’t like my suits… or my commercials? Where there is anger….there is also pain!

Which brings me to the survey that we had done several years ago. At the time, a political survey company, headed by a man named Frank Luntz, (His wikipedia) was a good place to start. He was know for doing political surveys in several states. This was long before Frank Luntz was regularly seen on Fox News. (By the way, his hair is fascinating. Just sayin’. Survey says?)


It was around 1995, and I was still facing a lot of criticism for my commercials. On a weekly basis, I would hear from lawyers, who told me that they were offended by them. Some even said I was ruining the profession. So, even though business was good, I was still concerned about our marketing. I had to be confident in trying jury trials and legal marketing was still a bit new. (Today, people are so used to legal marketing that it’s not easy to even make an impact with TV ads)

I hired Frank Luntz to do a survey of several things, so that it didn’t seem like it was only a survey about our marketing. This was back in the day, when people would be honest about their feelings in a survey. Now… not so much.

Luntz finished his survey and left a voicemail that he wanted to go over the results. Even though we had hired him, he had no idea what we did as a business. Those doing the survey were not in any of our markets.

I called Luntz and said that I was returning his call. “What do you do for a living?”, he started out. I told him that I was a lawyer. He seemed more confused, which made me really wonder what he was about to tell me.

“I laughed when I read the survey responses”, Luntz said. Which isn’t what I expected. Then he went on to tell me what he had learned. One-third of the people liked me; one third despised me. And then he added, that there was about 6% who had never heard of me… and the rest could care less about me.

He went on to add, “keep doing what you are doing. It’s obviously working, because they know who you are”.

I have to admit that I fall in the category of wanting to be liked. Still, when I see a web hit that comes in about our advertising, I remember what Luntz told me. At least you are getting their attention. Advertising and branding. And 40 years from now, I hope I am still receiving those calls!

An attack on the suits? Right? Maybe I should show more of the socks next time!!!

And finally, I have to mention National Coffee Day.  Shouldn’t this be a federal holiday? Yes! On our law firm social media pages, we are having a contest, to celebrate.  These are the good days!

I hope you have a great weekend! And here is pic o’ day. More dog humor. I guess this pup is not living in the present!



Some Marketing Talk


Would you like a sip of Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda? Doesn’t that sound like a real thirst-quencher? In 1929 it probably sounded pretty good to folks after the Wall Street Crash of that year, because it contained lithium citrate. In fact, it contained this mood-altering drug until 1950.

At that point, I suspect that no one really cared what the drink was called. They didn’t really even know why they liked it… they just did. It had been invented in 1920 and was sold by the Howdy Corporation. Now that is some crazy corporation naming right there!untitled

The name was later changed for marketing purposes to the name 7 Up. It is unclear why they changed it to that name, except there have been some theories that the drink had a pH of over 7 or that it had 7 ingredients. In fact, none of that was true.

At one point, they decided to market that it was made with “Real Sugar”. That seems to go with the marketing of that restaurant that used to be called Bob’s Big Boy.  Used to be called Bob’s Big Boy is the operative word. Because for 7 Up, I mean, who doesn’t want to guzzle some real good-ole-fashioned sugar and make your jeans look like they are well fitted to a body of Lard. Just sayin’.

Today 7 Up isn’t as well. When was the last time that you heard someone  say, “hey, I’ll have a 7 Up“. Not so much?  It originally was being marketed as caffeine-free. I guess Starbucks has taught us that if you make it with caffeine… more people will need it!

I was thinking about this as we begin to work on some upcoming legal ads. We shoot on Wednesday. All I know is that our new ads won’t be filled with sugar or caffeine free. 7 Up taught me that lesson.

But as pic o’ day reminds us, I guess it’s all in the point of view:


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