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Scruff Face

A lawsuit that involves a sniper, defamation, and a person who called himself “Jesse ‘the body’ Ventura”, makes for good blog material.

The lawsuit resulted in a $1.3 million plus $500 defamation jury verdict that was awarded to Jesse Ventura. Ventura,  a former professional wrestler who also served as the governor of Minnesota, had claimed that he was defamed by Navy Seal Chris Kyle. (

The lawsuit arose out of an alleged altercation between Chris Kyle and Ventura. According to the book  American Sniper, a memoir written by former Navy Seal Chris Kyle,  Kyle claimed he punched a man named “Scruff Face” for disparaging the war in Iraq and saying the SEALs “deserve to lose a few.” Later, Kyle identified “Scruff Face” as Ventura.

I think Ventura was bothered by Kyle’s claims of Ventura’s statements, as well as the claim that Kyle punched him.

Ventura, whose real name is James George Janos, claims that the incident never happened, according to the Star Tribune. The federal jury in Ventura’s case came back with a 1.35 million verdict for unjust enrichment and $500,000 for defamation.

As told in the movie American Sniper, Kyle was later killed on a firing range. His wife appealed the Ventura verdict and it has now been set aside by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. The unjust enrichment claim was set aside as contrary to Minnesota law and the $500k defamation verdict was overturned because the judge had allowed evidence of insurance during the trial.

For now, Ventura has not decided whether to appeal. “It is going to be back to the drawing board as to whether Ventura wants to go through this again,” said Jane Kirtley, professor of media ethics and law at the University of Minnesota.

And for pic o’ day, when this was sent to me, the song reference cracked me up:



Legal News Bits

For this blog, I thought I would post some legal bits. If the topic interests you, click the attachment for the full story.

From Yahoo comes a discussion on why ALL bike riders should wear a helmet.  Plus, it has a funny picture of Kermit and Miss Piggy. As an argument for helmets; in 2010, 70 percent of bicyclists killed in accidents were not wearing helmets. Plus, the article confirms that there are now stylish helmet options that make you believe that wearing a pocket protector is no longer helmet coordinated necessary. (that’s code for looking “helmet-nerdy”)

The second news story (also Yahoo) is a little disconcerting, because it discusses that many doctors admit that they do their medical research on the Internet. A recent IMS Health report found that Wikipedia is the single leading source of medical information for doctors. In fact, the article recites that 70% of doctors use it as an “information source in providing medical care”. Unfortunately, researchers have shown that 90% of medical information on Wikipedia has been deemed to have some inaccuracy. Hmm.

And for the last story of the blog, Sanford Health just settled a lawsuit that claimed wrongdoing in a kickback scheme by two Sioux Falls, South Dakota doctors. These doctors were performing more spinal implants than any other doctors in the state, by a large margin.

Sanford agreed to pay $625,000 to the federal government to settle the whistleblower lawsuit which claimed that the doctors were paid by a manufacturer to use their spinal implants. The spinal implant, known as the “Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion,” was developed by one of the doctors named in the lawsuit.  (

DID YOU KNOW that Abraham Lincoln grew his beard because he received a letter from eleven-year-old Grace Bedell wrote him to say that he should grow a beard because “All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you and then you would be President”.

And this pic o’ made me laugh:


An eBlast Catch-up

We just sent out our February eBlast a couple of days ago. If you missed it or want to subscribe for upcoming months, you can click HERE.

I admit that I was slow in reviewing it and writing my opening paragraph. It caused us to include a Valentine’s Day recipe that was well after Valentines Day. I missed that in the proofreading. By the way, isn’t “proofreading” one of those words that looks misspelled, as though we failed to proofread?

For the same reason, I never really got wound up with my pictures for Valentine’s Day. I am fighting the urge to late post. OK… one late one.

late Valentine


Anyway, here is my real pic o’ day:


Some Legal This & That

     Here’s a story about a Virginia woman who wanted to see a Louisa Judge. She said that she was going to bomb the courthouse, if she didn’t get to see him. Yep, she didn’t need to bomb, to see the Judge.

     Supermodel, Linda Evangelista, says that she needs $46,000 in child support. I guess if you are the 4 year old of a supermodel, you’re not settling for Garanimals mix and match clothing.

     Starbucks is basically telling  New York customers that you can’t  buy a cup of coffee and use your computer there, all day. No more electricity grazing, I guess.

     Here’s a Rhode Island news story about some friendly neighbors. Apparently, there had been some issues between the two. One got diagnosed with cancer and the other neighbor put up a wreath on his door that said, “Glad you have canser (spelled just like that). So die Stupid”. Police were called but said that no laws were broken.  Proof that being mean is not against the law. 

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