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Some Macaroni and Cheese Discussion

First, how about some weekend encouragement from a hedgehog?











And now some Mac and Cheese thoughts!

Macaroni and Cheese… it does a body good? Or is that milk? Just as a word of caution, if you love mac and cheese, don’t read the rest of this blog. Although, I did try to find a counter-argument… just in case you want to keep eating it! I had to search for it!

Let’s start with this article from the NY Times titled The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese.

What you think of chemicals called phthalates? I had never heard of them. They travel in plastics.

They have been linked to the disruption of male hormones like testosterone, and to birth defects. There is a connection to learning and behavior problems in older children.

These chemicals end up in foods as a result of packaging and equipment. They are used in manufacturing and may pose special risks to pregnant women and young children.

Now, a new study of 30 cheese products has detected phthalates in the foods, in the study attached The highest concentrations are found in the processed cheese powder in boxed macaroni and cheese mixes. Not a good thought.  Since this is Friday, I will just leave it at that, for your reading.

On the flip side, here is an article at, which tells us that the FDA has not banned these chemicals in foods. (yes, they are banned in toys). And the thinking is, that a little bit is not harmful. That sounds more like a defense than a good scientific certainty.

Just “food for thought”.

I hope you have a great weekend! I am headed to our South Carolina office next week. I’ll try to blog some news from the great folks in the South!

And for our weekend pic o’ day, it’s all about knowledge… right?




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