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Men’s Health Nutrition Thoughts

I am just catching up on some of my back issues of Men’s Health Magazine. In January’s issue Dr. Michael Roussell lists four nutrition tips. They apply to eating and exercise, but they also are good reminders for healthy daily living. When I read them, I immediately personalized them. Maybe you will have thoughts of application too. Here as a health blog today:

1. Build Brain Strength. Stopping for meditation. Focus on breathing. To me, this is also a good reminder to just stop, think and pray. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle  and bustle of life. Less is more. Pause to be more mentally powerful.

2. Reclaim your concentration. Limiting distractions to face the task at hand. Multitasking is really task switching. Again, a reminder for me to put the phone down, stop checking emails so often and just focus on one thing. This is a tough one, to be able to ignore the long list and just take it one at a time!

3. Celebrate the small victories. As Dr Roussell says, “Life is full of challenges, and when something good happpens you should pause to enjoy it”. I need to take this at face value instead of looking at the next mountain that needs climbing or worrying about the next valley.

4. Finish Strong with Protein. Making sure to consume enough protein at meals makes sure to assist your workout recovery. Of course, this specifically relates to protein and working out. It also reminded me to start and finish strong on task. Plus, if you don’t have your health, not a lot else matters or can get accomplished. Also, how important it is for good healthy eating. I know it. I just need to focus on it.

DID YOU KNOW that a person can live without food for about a month but only about a week without water.

And for pic o’ day, sometimes the captions are as funny as the picture:

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