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An Athlete’s Bad Investment

NBA basketball player Mike Miller was considered to be an integral part of the Miami Heat, when they won their two recent championships. NBA: Miami Heat at Golden State Warriors

In the world of Miami Heat basketball and Miller, all seemed right. In fact, the Heat exercised an NBA clause that allowed them to release him this year and still fully pay him while he could go sign with another team. They then received cap space to sign another player. On the surface, both parted on great terms.

However, that really doesn’t tell the full story of what was brewing. This according to the Miami Herald:

Miller, who now plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, lost $1.7 million in a scam allegedly orchestrated by Haider Zafar, a South Beach bling king who presented himself as a member of a wealthy Pakistani family.

According to Miller’s complaint that has been drawn up but not yet filed, a Heat employee introduced Miller to Zafar, and Zafar used $700,000 of the money he stole from Miller to pay for courtside Heat tickets.

Settlement talks between Miller and the Heat have stalled. Miller asked for that $700,000 back from the Heat, plus attorney’s fees, but “the parties were far apart,” Miller’s attorney, Andrew Fine, said.

In the potential lawsuit, Miller is seeking a lot more: the entire $1.7 million that he lost in Zafar’s scam.

The part of the facts most troubling is that the meetings between Zafar and Miller were held at the Heat’s offices. ( To date, the lawsuit has not been filed but there is some settlement discussion.

Miller’s attorney suggests that he believes that the Heat are fully responsible for this loss from this fraudulent investment. Without the Heat employee introduction, he would not have invested.  He believes that they were only focused on selling their season tickets to Zafar.

Two other Heat players also lost money to this individual.  Currently,  Zafar is being held in custody in an Ohio jail, on an unrelated fraud case.

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