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Goals and Results!

I remember reading a long time ago the advice of “don’t be afraid to try and fail. Just don’t fail to try“.  Watching baseball and football yesterday reminded me that goals are well defined. At the end of the game, the scoreboard tells you if you reached your goal.

Bill Gates (wikipedia) attributes his success to how his family established goals. Everything was a competition.

One family friend reports that  “it didn’t matter whether it was hearts or pickleball or swimming on the dock, there was always a reward for winnning and there was always a penalty for losing.

His first business was a partnership between he and Paul Allen. It was Traff-O-Data, a company that created machines which recorded the number of cars passing a given point on a road. It wasn’t considered a “roaring success” but it helped forge the bond between he and Allen and served to encourage the partnership to later create Microsoft. Their chasing of one goal led them to the ultimate prize of a greater goal.

I wanted this blog to be a reminder of goals. Sometimes it’s OK not to worry about tomorrow… except to know that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. That’s a good goal too!

That’s some thinking on goals. Now, I’d like to post a list of goals that I recently saw posted on Facebook. These made me laugh!






And for pic o’ day, some more entrepreneurship.



More Friday Random Stuff

I especially enjoy Friday blogging because it gives me the excuse to throw stuff in, that I haven’t figured out how to include during the week. So, here is this and that:

From the “not so good advertising” file. In 2004, Gillette thought that it would be a good idea to include free razor samples in the bags given to those attending the Democratic National Convention. Razors were included in about 30,000 gift bags that were given to delegates, dignitaries and the media. The bags also contained  subway maps, dried cranberry snacks and donkey-shaped macaroni and cheese. (yes, mac and cheese) So far… so good.

Unfortunately for the recipients, all the attendees were stopped and the razors confiscated when they attempted to go through the convention security checkpoints. In addition, Gillette caused a lot of anger from all the delays at the checkpoints. (Free Republic)

Next, According to Genesis 1:20-22, the chicken came before the egg.

Finally a look back to the 2003 lawsuit department. Do you remember when Microsoft threatened 17-year-old Mike Rowe with a lawsuit, after the teenager launched his website named (Wikipedia) The legal dispute received international attentiion.

Rowe wanted money for his website. Microsoft finally settled with Rowe granting ownership of the domain to Microsoft; and in return Rowe received some Microsoft products and training. Later, Microsoft admitted that it may have been a bit heavy-handed with the teenager.

DID YOU KNOW that the name of the founder of J.C. Penney was James Cash Penny. Yep… you can take that fact to the bank! (couldn’t help it)

And for pic o’ day, I think he is working on his random stuff too:

pencil dog

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