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I sure enjoyed Mother’s Day. But, the traffic was terrible. I’m told by restaurants that it usually is their busiest day of year. Guess that’s why there was so much traffic.

In the public parking garage at the restaurant, there was plenty of parking spots available. Unfortunately, we kept going round and round, because the empty spots had “reserved” on them. It made no sense. Reserved for what, since there were more empty than full.

Then, I saw a lady with her kids, looking sadly at her car. There was a parking boot on her tire. Someone was enforcing the reserved. She didn’t know what to do and the only suggestion I had was to go to the Hotel lobby for the parking lot and ask them to remove it. Nice touch on Mother’s Day, Virginia Beach Westin.

I also noticed more police on the roads with radar. Is Mother’s Day a day of special traffic enforcement? I also was surprised to see traffic slowed by road construction. Usually, I am glad to see roads being fixed. Just seemed like an odd day to focus on it with so much traffic. I know… I need to stop complaining.

Thinking about this blog brought me to thoughts on traffic. I’m sure that you’ve already heard that one-third of all accidents happen within one mile of your home. It’s called “switching off syndrome”; where people admit that their minds wander from driving and the road, and they start thinking about what needs to be done.

Well, here’s more statistics that cause concern. reports that there is a connection between longer commuting to work, and bad health. In the upcoming “American Journal of Preventive Medicine”, those who have commutes that are 15 minutes or greater tend to experience decreased cardio-respiratory fitness and increased weight. The health statistics show that such commuters have higher numbers of increased weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

If you click on the article, it will give you specifics on driving and health. It all boils down to lack of exercise. You just can’t do cardio and push-ups in the car seat! Guess it’s like being a couch potato without the couch and remote. Instead, you get traffic, speed traps… wait, I promised no more complaining.

You might not be able to shorten the drive;  but, I guess it’s another good reminder to work at getting out of the car and into the gym.

For pic o’ day, I figured that this would be a sign that would cause us all to get out of the car and get some exercise:


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