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How About Larry the Cucumber?

Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Junior Asparagus. They were soon to be on the screen, following their theme song, “Never ever ever ever ever been a show like VeggieTales”.


The VeggieTales are an example of an initial idea that was going the wrong direction until improvements were made, which turned it into a tremendous success. Overcoming difficult beginnings.  Wiki tells us that VeggieTales is an American series of children’s computer animated films that featured anthropomorphic vegetables (had to look that up. means vegetables with human form).  Their episodes frequently tell Bible stories in a modern pop culture way.

Here’s why they are part of the blog. It’s because their story arose out of mistake and difficulty to a continuing and thriving TV enterprise. Then, the rights of a contract stepped into the program to change the content.

The show was initially created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, who also provided many of the voices. Vischer was testing out new computer hardware in the early 90’s. Due to the limitations of the hardware for animation purposes, he decided to avoid being too technical in creating characters with arms, legs or hair.

So, his first character was a talking candy bar. His wife suggested that he change the main character because parents would rather focus on good healthy eating rather than a friendly candy bar. So, the characters became fruits and vegetables.

The shows were originally just sold on video. Then, NBC picked them up as part of their Saturday morning program and the series aired from September 2006-2009. Then it began airing on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Now, Netflix has announced that it has joined its programming this month.

NBC removed any mention of God in the programs, including removing the original ending of each show that contained, “Remember kids, God made you special and he loves you very much!”. NBC was more comfortable with an ending that simply had a character saying “Good-bye!.

Because they owned the show through contract, they could determine the content. So, what had been a religious program was now being shown as a positive message for kids.  That meant that Archibald Asparagus could not star as Jonah. Still, they can’t stop Jimmy and Jerry Gourd or Madame Blueberry from being part of a Bible story in their past episodes.

So, will Netflix show all past episodes or just new?

And for pic o’ day,

hurry take it

Comments on the Blog

     Willard Scott has been a long time weatherman on the NBC Today Show. As a kid watching him, I  was fascinated that he  sometimes would wear a toupee on the program and other times he would go au naturel hair style.  He almost treated the hair attachment  like a tie or another matching piece of clothing.   

     He is also known for sending  out birthday cards to those  celebrating their 1ooth  birthday. My great grandmother received one when she reached that milestone and she would show the birthday card to everyone that came to her home. It was a nice gesture on Mr Scott’s part and also good marketing.

     He used to remark that he was fortunate to also receive a lot of letters. Many from family members who thanked him for the birthday card that he had sent. I guess that he also receives a smorgasbord of letters about a multitude of topics. I remember one unusual letter that he received which said the following: 

     “Dear Mr. Scott, I think you’re the best disc jockey in Washington. You play the best music and have the nicest voice of anyone on the air. Please excuse the crayon, they won’t let us have anything sharp in here.”

     I post this because it made me laugh. I also post it because I think that everyone enjoys getting correspondence. This blog is a pitch for more comments to my blogs. We are getting some fancy equipment to be able to post them quicker. No more tin cans and string.  

     You have probably come to expect that I jump around a bit and somehow end up putting it all together. My writer’s Garmin. In that context, I am posting a news video on a recent sighting of Big Foot. The man who saw him said he chased him off with some “rough talk”. It’s ok to leave a comment with some rough talk. I promise I won’t add anything to the comment about crayons either.

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