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Wedding Drone Injury

Normally you don’t expect an injury that leads to a lawsuit… at a wedding! But what wedding planner includes drones in the wedding reception? And so the story goes…

A groom recently married in August is now facing a lawsuit by two of the wedding guests, who claim that they were hit in the head by a drone that he flew during the wedding reception. You might want to read that unbelievable sentence again.

The defendant and his wife were married at Searles Castle in Windham, New Hampshire. The “fairy tale” wedding included using a drone to snap reception photos from high above. Unfortunately, the drone crashed into two of the guests and the two women claim in their lawsuit that they were injured by the drone, while they were dancing. (Mass Live)

One of the women says she suffered a concussion and fractured her nose and orbital bone. The other plaintiff contends she suffered a gash requiring 20 stitches. They both claim they have suffered permanent injuries. The groom admits owning the drone but claims he was not operating it.

I guess the moral of the story is, if you are thinking of buying a drone for Christmas, you might want to go with the Nerf toys instead. And for wedding planners… stay with the rice! Just a holiday thought.

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Photo Traffic Tickets Dismissed

Thousands of drivers in New Jersey can breathe a traffic ticket sigh of relief. ( The state Judiciary has asked local courts to dismiss tickets that were issued to  17,000 drivers who were caught on camera running red lights.

photo light

Under New Jersey law, drivers are supposed to receive notice within 90 days that they have been charged with the traffic violation of running a red light. That notice did not go out to the drivers. The company that has oversight for failing to send the notices is also under scrutiny as to whether they paid bribes and gave gifts to government officials, to  help secure these traffic camera contracts.

Ultimately, I suspect that losing the revenue from 17,000 traffic tickets has caused this attention. Isn’t it interesting that this would arise in New Jersey, the home of “Bridgegate” and Governor Christie?

DID YOU KNOW that Napoleon was afraid of cats? History tells us that Napoleon apparently had a wild cat jump on him while he was still in the crib as a baby, and he never recovered.

And with that thought… our  pic o’ day :

see no evil


Overcoming the Emotion of Revenge


Strength for the Journey pointed me to the story of DeForest Soaries who faced great adversity growing up. At one point, a gang of five took him to a vacant lot, dragged him out of the car, and put a gun to the back of his head. It was going to be a  drug-related shooting. Just as they were about to shoot him, one of the gang saw a police car.

Concerned that the policeman would hear the gun shot, they dragged him back to the car. Nearly five hours later, their “gang boss” told them to let him go. The five threatened that they would come back later to get him.

Years past by, but DeForest never forgot that day and his brush with death. Fortunately, he went to college and also made room for God in his life. He did not allow the emotion of revenge to set him back. He did not worry about the five returning.

The story of DeForest Soaries continued as he got a bachelor degree, Masters and a Doctor of Divinity. In fact he has also received five honorary Doctorate degrees from other institutions. He has served as Secretary of State in New Jersey. He is now the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens.

In the story of his life, he says that a time came when he saw the man that had held the gun to his head. He saw him after finishing up a speaking engagement. Instead of running, he went up to the man and hugged him. He had no revenge in his heart.

Recently, I was discussing a client’s damages from a crash. At one point, he interrupted me when we talked about the concept of mental anguish. He told me that he did experience emotional ups and downs but that he did not hold any anger against the driver that had caused his injuries. When I heard the story of Soaries, I was reminded of that client. He was not going to be held prisoner to the emotion of revenge. Instead, he was focused on getting better and moving on.

Josh Billings said that “there is no revenge so complete as forgiveness”. Douglas Horton reminds us that “while seeking revenge, dig two graves…one of them for you”.

DID YOU KNOW that Cinderella’s slippers were originally made out of fur until the story was changed in the 1600’s by a translator? I guess that’s where the expression comes from, “I love your fur slippers.” Wait… I’ve never heard that expression.

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Power Struggle Over Powerball

It is the story of an ex-girlfriend who feels entitled to winnings. (USA Today) And so… a lawsuit was filed.

A New Jersey man won a $338 million dollar Powerball jackpot last spring, and now he is in the midst of a lawsuit with his former girlfriend, over the winnings.

Pedro Quezada was the sole winner of the Powerball drawing that was worth $152 million to him after taxes. His former girlfriend’s lawyers claim that the winning ticket was purchased with their shared earnings, which gives her claim to some of the winnings. Quezada’s lawyers respond that she has no claim because the couple was never married, even though they had lived together for over ten years.

Last Friday, the girlfriend’s lawyers sought to freeze Pedro’s assets, pending the outcome of the trial. The judge acknowledged the long-time relationship and that both parties had contributed to the expenses of the household throughout the relationship. However, the judge found no legal framework for putting a freeze on Quezada’s assets.

Here is the part that seems to be consistent with most lottery winners. Quezada’s attorney represented to the judge that a large chunk of the winnings are already gone. $57 million was sent back to family in the Dominican Republic. He gave  $5 million away. $300,000 was spent on a home and $20 million can’t be located. Yep… can’t be located! That is power spending of the Powerball.

DID YOU KNOW that the cheapest time to fly is during the first couple weeks of December and the last three weeks in January and beginning of February. In the airline industry, they call these times “Dead Zones”. The time to take advantage is right now.

And for pic o’ day, I am posting a picture that was posted a while back. It has a different quote and probably looks a bit like what probably happened with the kicking in the air Ganglamb style after winning Powerball?

Ganglam syle

Vikings Owner is Called a Fraud

     When a judge issues an opinion, the finding is the result of the case. The wording in the opinion is called dictum, which is not binding like the finding. It does give some basis for argument in other similar fact patterns. (persuasive) In fact, the literal latin word obiter dictum is the basis for the term dictum. It means “something said in passing”.

     Why am I boring you with Latin? Well, it’s because I am still trying to figure out how the owner of the NFL Minnesota Vikings feels, after reading the decision of New Jersey Judge Deanne Wislon. (Sports Illustrated story)

     On Monday, she found that Aygmunt “Zigi” Wilf and his family committed fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. She also found that he violated the state’s civil racketeering statute. She called him a fraud!

     Apparently, she felt strongly about the conduct because this was the “dictum” that she added to her finding, “To my knowledge, there has never been a case like this in New Jersey jurisprudence.” She was speaking of the time that this case languished in the court system.

     Then, she described the conduct and activites of the Wilf ownership group as “organized-crime-type activities”. Now that really does not sound like something “just said in passing”. What does the NFL think of that kind of conduct by one of their owners?

     DID YOU KNOW that no word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, and purple. Since reading that statement, I have been trying to disprove it!

     And for pic o’ day… how about some summertime:


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