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Pam Oliver’s Brain Injury

It is a story that happens in many car crashes. The person that gets hit tells the other driver, or the police officer that they are not hurt. Many times, they say that they don’t need any medical attentiion or even any help getting home. Sometimes, they proceed to work directly from the crash scene.

The next morning, that person wakes up in pain. Or, they have a headache. They don’t know if they can go get treatment. They aren’t always sure exactly what caused this throbbing pain, because they felt fine yesterday. Now, can they even go to the doctor? Who will be responsible for their bills.

In the NY Daily News, there’s a story titled “Concussion story gets real for Fox’s NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver“. It happened on August 18th. Pam Oliver was on the sideline for Fox, covering the Colts/Giants NFL  football game. During warmups, she was talking to NFL referee Ed Hochuli, for a story that she was doing on officials for Showtime’s “60 Minutes Sports”.  While on the sidelined doing the interview, the third-string quarterback of the Colts let a ball slip out of his hands while attempting to pass the football.

Pam Oliver


Oliver did not see the ball coming and it hit her right in the side of the head. She continued to cover the game. In fact, she was in the broadcast booth at the beginning of the game. As a Colts’ fan, I saw the replay and I also saw how Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the announcers, comment on the event. Production replayed the football hitting her and then they all laughed about it.

The announcers called her a trooper for continuing. She said later that she really didn’t want to talk about it. She finished the interview and then she did the entire game “on adrenaline”. As she put it, “You don’t want to be wimpy, you just push through it”. After the game she went home without getting any treatment.

The next morning she woke up with such a terrible headache that she had to hold her head. She felt tremendously sensitive to any light and had to close her blinds. Even the light from her TV “was her enemy”. She was later diagnosed with a concussion.

According to Oliver, she is still experiencing headaches. She hopes that all her symptoms go away by her opening game in San Francisco, where she will be the sideline reporter for the Packers/49ers game.

Statistically, studies show that approximately 85% of those that suffer a traumatic brain injury fully recover. However, approximately 10-15% have long term symptoms that may include headaches or sensitivity to lights.

If this were a claim that I was handling, I would fully expect an argument from the insurance company about her not leaving the game or even getting treatment. Their computer apparently doesn’t understand reality or the adrenaline of real life. I have heard stories about people being told that they can’t go get treatment.

Stories like Oliver’s are a reminder of what really can happen. Injuries like a concussion, even in the emergency room, can go undiagnosed.  Hopefully, we will see Oliver out there on September 8. As a sidenote, that quarterback didn’t make the Colts team in the last cuts. I am sure that he wants another opportunity. In the report, it said that he felt so bad that he tried to send her get-well flowers.

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