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Some Passport Advice

As a Congressional Aide for Congressman Bill Whitehurst, I was tasked with a wide variety of constituent services. Some of the jobs turned out to be regular requests. For instance, several people were directed to me to help them get a White House tour pass. Back then, you could bypass lines and also see a little bit more of the White House, if you got the pass through your Congressman.

Another regular call involved passports. It’s no surprise that many would call in a bit of a panic because they realized that they were going to be traveling and they had just learned how long it would take to get their passport. Usually, the call involved  “I need it by Friday and I was told it was going to be six weeks”.  I would try to help them with suggestions on how to get it done quickly.

I hadn’t thought about passports in a while. Well, not since I was in a hurry to get my own passport for travel.

I came across a good USA Today article Titled “Passport 101: How to apply, renew or replace”. HERE is the article in case you need a quick breakdown on the basics.   It has good information on getting a first passport, renewing or replacing a stolen passport, and how to change your name on your passport. Of course, it also discusses how to expedite getting a passport!

I wish that I had this article help “back in the old days”.

DID YOU KNOW that in 1900, the average life span in the United States was  47?

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