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Just Singing and Dialing

I have been writing some long blogs. So, I thought I would give you a break. (Code for me being a bit blog lazy).

Instead, it gives me an excuse to just write random nonsense and post pictures. Where did Napolean keep his armies?…. In his sleevies. Boom! As Peyton Manning said, “I’ll be here all week”.

Thanks for eating this bowl of silly with me for breakfast this morning!

And here are the random pic o’s:

First, is some singing



And then some dialing


The Dangling Letter… and Some Crazy!

Let’s start the Friday blog with that silly man at the Walmart store. Twitter was crazed with pictures of this man, who stood under the dangling P, waiting for it to fall on him. His claim was that he wanted to sue Walmart.



I’m not sure that intelligence restoration can be part of his lawsuit. Standing under the “dangling P” is also probably considered contributory negligence. But maybe his claim of “waiting 4 hours” is part of his relaxation readiness for the weekend.

And finally for our blog, I thought I would post an article from Reader’s Digest that lists 11 Outrageous Laws. I always enjoy these.  Does it surprise you that it’s against the law in Georgia to tie a giraffe to a street lamp? How about a law against getting a fish drunk? That’s just a sampler!

And for pic o’ day, I found a saying that heard when I was a kid… and I still laugh at it. Have a great weekend. These are the good days!!!!

Naked Dog








Not a First Pitch… But!

Pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training. Major League baseball is just around the corner.

It made me stop and think whether I could figure out some blog metaphor like the first pitch. And… nothing.

They may have a first pitch, but I have pic o’ day selections. So, today I keep it easy. Just some pictures.

How about the way and was?



And then some political:



Bear and Lion Choices

Who’s to say? I ask myself, “Why is that bear waving?”. It must be holiday cheer. Right?

But how can you argue with a lion bearing gifts?


By now, you have gathered that I am a bit holiday distracted. So, I just post holiday pic o’s. Plus, I’ve been told by a few that “we have little time to read the blog right now”, so I give little time for little time reading!


But for pic o’ day, I post one of the annual postings by request:


Just Smiles, A Lion, and Good Negotiation

Just some quick reporting. First, I am coming up on my 2000th blog. I think this is number 1986. Doesn’t that mean that we should have a big blog celebration? Just sayin’.

And second, I admittedly am feeling a bit behind because I was in trial last week, so I am taking advantage of the “ole posting a bunch of pictures and calling it a blog” routine.  Here goes:

My starter picture is because I want to make you smile:


And then we go with the “Captain Obvious” jacket pic o’:



And then include a Christmas Lion, because it’s not everyday you see a Christmas Lion, Right?




And finally, some old fashioned labor/lawyer humor for the holidays:






Safety is Fun… or Something

On May 25, 1957,  two men both named Edward Chapman shot holes-in-one on the same golf course. First, Edward Chapman shot a hole in one on the eighth hole. Later that day, Edward Chapman also shot a hole-in-one on the sixth whole. The course was at Richmond… Surrey in England. (Crazy that it was Richmond… Right?)



Yes, I admit that this is not your normal legal blog. Uncle D complained that I am getting too pic o’ day crazy… so I started the blog with a golf story for him.


Dog Gardener


Do you think it’s ok that I am just wandering through the blog? Well, I also find it unusual that there are no words in the English language that rhyme with month, orange, and silver. (Does this seem like a Geico ad?)




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