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Pokemon Go Ruse

It’s the classic bait and switch. I remember seeing stories about US Marshals (Washington Post 1985) sending out letters to fugitives to let them know that they had won Washington Redskins tickets.

When the fugitives showed up for their winnings… they learned that they were not winners. Instead, their all-expense tickets that included Super Bowl activities, was an elaborate ruse to apprehend over 100 criminals with outstanding arrest warrants.

Now we learn of a new  law enforcement method. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)  The Smithfield police posted an image of the elusive Ditto character who is billed as the “rarest Pokémon of all”. Then, on their Facebook page, they invited a select group of citizens to help hunt the creature at their station.

That “select group” matched the police department’s online list of active warrants. The bait has been set. So far, they have had some success according to the article. The Pokémon Go ruse!

I guess some things are greater than advertised!





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