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Congressman’s Unique Alcohol Defense

When I read about U.S. Representative Tim Ryan, I admit that I knew then that I hadn’t seen it all. (Yorktown News) The story begins when Ryan was cited for a misdemeanor for public intoxication. He was charged in Lexington, Virginia.

It’s unusual to read about a Congressman being charged with public intoxication, but that’s where the story goes to a unique defense on the charge. Ryan describes the event as follows, “We were walking down the street, and I had thrown my back out the day before. I was contorted and got pulled over. They stopped me. It was bizarre.”

As a blog detective, I know that you want more clues before making up your mind on the charge. Well, Ryan had just left the wedding reception of a staff member and was walking outside. That’s when he was stopped by police around 2:01 a.m. on August 25. He refused the police request to blow into a Breathalyzer to prove he had not been drinking.

Ryan further explained to the reporter that, “I couldn’t believe they wanted to arrest me, so I refused to take the Breathalyzer”. He went on to say that he was aware that the town police had a history of pulling people over, and that was another reason for his refusal. He was not going to give in to that.

On Tuesday, the six-term Congressman did not show up for his Virginia misdemeanor trial. His attorney did show up and the presiding Judge of Lexington/Rockbridge General District Court, dismissed the charge. There were no more details on the trial and General District Court is a Court of no record, which means that there is no Court reporter transcribing the testimony.

I guess it’s not fair to consider that Ryan had three prior disorderly conduct charges in 2003, when he was a student at Bowling Green University. Instead, we should focus on the fact that he expects to get back on the House Appropriations Committee that helps determine our Federal spending. That Committee oversees about a trillion dollars in spending bills.

I certainly believe the bad back defense. I mean, he probably was in such pain at 2 in the morning after that reception. Those mean Virginia policemen were just targeting a hunched-over man.

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