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Wear Sunscreen!

Are those fun-sized candy bars, if you just finished eating 27? I appreciate my friend, Ken Price, saying that his abs are so awesome that he had to grow a layer of fat over them to keep from getting someone hurt. Hahahahaha!

I just wrote those random sentences because they remind me of the hypothetical commencement speech of Mary Schmich, which was published in June of 1997 to the supposed class of 1999.

It has been called the “Wear Sunscreen” speech and was set to music and released as a “Spoken Word Song” by Baz Luhrmann. Ultimately, the author says that the most important thing… wear sunscreen! Pretty good advice.

Today, I attached this 5 minute version in the blog, in case you wanted some advice on life from this speech, and just feel like relaxing instead of reading. So here it is:

Maybe it is “advice like youth, probably just wasted on the young”, but wouldn’t it be great if we could worry less and be thankful for more. (That’s my thought)

And for pic o’ day, this invention!



I Love Friday Randomness!

Normally I don’t get sidetracked by schedule, while blogging. I sometimes joke that I can blog with one hand and talk on the phone with the other. I truly enjoy it.  Not this time. My schedule of court and travel got in the way of any real substantive bloggging.

Still, I so enjoy the casual blogging of a Friday, that I didn’t want being in court this morning to be an impediment to Our Friday Blog. So, not surprisingly, my blogging usually involves some random pictures. I know that you have already figured that out by now.

Here’s our first one… the random “Where is Chis Christie from the beach”. These memes crack me up.















And of course, there’s nothing wrong with a look-back from the OJ parole hearing. Aren’t you glad that he can get back out on the golf course and start looking for Nicole’s killer!















And finally, here’s a good reminder on life that I just saw. I hope that you have a great weekend! These are the good days!


Random Wednesday Pic’O’s

Here’s a good starter to the blog. I know it’s a little blurry but I laughed when I saw this. What emotion is captured here?

Deer emotion

I have been having some “technology issues” with my computer in South Carolina. A printer picture seemed right on point.



Our final pic o’ is from a guest lecturer.

Puppy printer

A No Fly Blog

I wrote a blog recently (here) where I discussed a child’s view of turbulence. Uncle D reminded me that he was flying this week, so I needed to blog more positively.

So watch this puppy fly:


And this is one of those pictures that has been floating on the Internet. A United Airlines flight? (I am laughing)



I admit, this isn’t much of a blog for today, but I wrote it on the fly. Boom!

Let’s have a great Tuesday! I promise… no more flying blogs. Something amazing would have to happen.


Inexplicable Excitement Including Limeade

Yesterday, I wrote about “choppin’ wood“, which brings me to Wednesday. I consider it my excuse to just post random pictures to the blog. Which causes me inexplicable excitement.

Tommy Boy

Now I take this opportunity to post a picture of downtown Richmond from the 1950’s. Recently, I spoke to an old-Richmonder, who described ordering a limeade at Thalhimer’s and enjoying the Tea Room at Miller and Rhoads. He told me that it was the good old days. For me, I look back and think, “these are the ‘good ole’ days, Now!”, Right?


And finally in my inexplicable Wednesday blogging, I now post a couple of pic o’s on the importance of names… or not remembering names. (And yes, the only thing that makes this a law blog is that it’s legal!)




Confidence, Connection and Cake

As I come to the end of the blogging week, it causes me to wander into the world of random. This time, I think that the three pictures tell the story better than I can.

First, I appreciate this demonstration of being confident in your work. For some reason, I cannot take my eyes off this one without thinking, “Is he crazy or confident?”. Elliot Wisbrod used multiple aliases in his lifetime. His business was selling firearms and equipment and he was very successful at selling to both police officers and the mob. The inventor of the bullet-proof vest.


And then, this pic o’ makes me feel connected to them. The eye contact is amazing. I guess that’s why they always recommend looking into the eyes… the windows to the soul!


And finally…. don’t we deserve cake? Have a great weekend!!!!


Just Some Pic o’s

I was up too late last night. I was in D.C. For the Wizards/Golden State game. Wizards won, but it zaps all creativity for blogging. These are the days when pic o’s come to the rescue!

So we start out with something that makes me smile. I might have posted this before, but he still makes me laugh:



And some dietary advice… maybe?



And who doesn’t walk their fish?


Random and Puppies

Friday is my favorite blog day because it gives me an excuse just to blog aimlessly. This week was filled with unique that included going to the studio to cut some commercials, as well as going to the Washington Wizards game. Mixed in was some real legal work. So at least I have that going for me!

So here is some “randomness” because it wouldn’t be a Friday blog without random:

Because I “type” the blog, this seemed relevant. Did you know that the word typewriter is the longest word that can be typed by using only the top row of the keyboard. (that’s one of those facts that you either keep reading because you don’t care, or you look at the computer keyboard to see if that is correct. Kinda like me saying no one can touch their elbow with their tongue. See?)

In the world of surprise comes this strange thought. In the original Star Wars trilogy movies, David Prowse was the actor in the Darth Vader suit. During the shooting of the scenes, he did all the lines and didn’t know that his voice was going to be substituted until he saw the screening of the movie. Imagine his surprise when all of his lines were being dubbed over by the voice of James Earl Jones.

And finally, because I enjoy facts about marketing, this one grabbed me. The first coin operated machine was a holy-water dispenser that required a five-drachma coin to operate. It was the “invention” of the first century Greek Scientist, Hero.

And for pic o’ day I include puppies, because it’s hard to be angry at puppies. And another, for all the cat musicians out there … and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!





From Ketchup to Art

I admit it. It’s difficult to get motivated to blog, with snow on the ground. That’s when I go to the notebook collection. Things that have never become a blog because I can’t figure out a way to make them into a blog. And then the snow non-motivation. So here goes:

In the early 1800’s, ketchup was used as a medicine. Dr. John Cook Bennett announced that tomatoes were good for the stomach. Soon, tomato pills were being marketed as Dr. Miles’ Compound Extract of Tomato. Unfortunately, they still haven’t declared french fries for medicinal purposes.

Speaking of french fries, they were supposedly invented by Chef George “Crum” Speck in 1853. Originally he was known as a chef who specialized in wild game like venison and duck. (Wikipedia) He was  simply known as slicing the potatoes thinly. Customers began to request them. The crazy part of the story, according to the attachment, is that the owner of the restaurant, as well as the cook at the same restaurant, all later claimed to also be the inventors of the potato chip. Of course, “potato chip legend’ also includes that the chip was invented because of a complaining customer. Who’s to say?

A left handed advantage? You are able to adjust and see underwater more quickly. Just some random to the random.

And finally, here is some crazy art trivia. Henri Matisse’s painting Le Bateau hung upside down for 47 days in the New York Museum of Modern Art… until someone finally noticed it had been hung incorrectly.

And that’s a snow blog!




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