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Someone read my Monday blog and mentioned that it was a bit long for Monday reading. It reminded me of the story of the long-winded speaker.

A speaker was continuing to deliver his long and boring speech without noticing that he was losing his audience. The master-of-ceremonies was trying to get his attention to clue him in that it was time to stop, but he couldn’t get the speaker’s attention.

Finally out of desperation to get the speaker’s attention, he picked up his gavel, aimed and threw it but missed the speaker and hit a man in the first row instead. The man slumped down and then groaned, “Hit me again… I can still hear him.”

I’ve noticed that we have been picking up more twitter followers lately. Maybe it’s because I can’t send a message any longer than 140 characters.  Lincoln really did have a point with his short Gettysburg Address!

And for pic o’ day, this just seemed politically topical…



Church and Law Notebook

I benefit from always having my iPad with me except when I lose it. I guess that’s what Captain Obvious would say. I now have lost 2 iPads by the usual forgetfulness. I left one on top of my car roof and drove off. The other got mistakenly thrown out at a gas station. while on a trip (at least that’s how I think that I lost them)

I say that I benefit because I can always save or bookmark things quickly and come back to them for blog ideas. Sometimes, I realize that I have items that have been with me for a while. So, here’s from the “notebook”.

This  blog is basically a collection of things that you might classify as church humor or might hear as a joke from the pulpit. I know what you are thinking, “how is this in a legal blog?”. My reply, “if you classify it from the notebook… anything goes!”.

The church decided that it needed to call a meeting to vote on some church business. The deacons got into a heated discussion over buying a chandelier for the church. So, one man stood and formally made the motion by saying, “I move that we buy a chandelier for the church”. Then, a second man stood and seconded the motion.

     One of the members then stood to address the motion. He said the following, “I’d like to speak against this motion. First, no one knows how to spell it to even order it. Second, no one knows how to play it. Third and most importantly… what this church really needs is some lights.” Boom!

And here are the pic o’s…


And this would be considered dating advice?


I suppose she might answer something like, “That is quite a Revelation… and I guess that’s a signal for my Exodus”.

Dog Assembly

Have you ever watched the news on TV and wondered how there could be nothing but negative news? I started to put a list of news stories together for the blog and then really looked at them. They all were negative. Just couldn’t do it.

So, For this Tuesday blog I am just posting pic o’ day. Sometimes it’s just more fun to stay positive… and stay away from the news.

dog Assembly

Friday’s “From the Notebook”.

Just went with a collection of stories. This is a little like a Golden Corral buffet without the ice cream.

TASER has announced that the Mesa Police Department is expanding its Body-Worn Video Program with TASER’s AXON flex cameras. They have placed an order to purchase 300 AXON body-worn cameras over the next five years. The first order includes 100 cameras and a five-year subscription to which allows them to store the video using the backend digital evidence management system as well as several docking stations. That allows officers to automatically charge and upload their video footage after each shift.

During a one-year pilot program, Mesa Police Department tested 50 of TASER’s AXON Flex cameras and found that officers equipped with the on-officer body cameras experienced a 40% decrease in complaints and a 75% decrease in use of  force complaints. (

Next, the Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has added a new staff member. (Daily Progress)

dog to staff


Theo, the Labrador Retriever,  is the office’s new courthouse dog. He was originally trained to be a wheelchair assistance dog. According to the office press release, Theo was selected to work in the office because of his ability to “defuse and de-stress” intense situations, according to Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Matt Quatrara. Theo is expected to serve as a calming presence, to bring comfort and support to victims and witnesses being interviewed by the office.

Finally, did you see that the US Patent and Trademark Office has canceled six federal trademark registrations that are owned by Washington’s NFL Redskins? The pressure continues to mount on owner Daniel Snyder to change the name of the “Redskins”. (USA Today) How about this idea for Snyder that is being floated? Change the logo to show some red skin potatoes? OK… I can see you shaking your head. Maybe not?

Redskin potato

And for pic o’ day we turn to some poor GPS car accessory choices:

cheap GPS

Tuesday and Then

The countdown is on. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Typing Tuesday means that it is getting closer. This is one time that I am glad that the Federal government stepped in and declared that Thanksgiving would be every 4th Thursday of November. In fact, I’d be happy with every 3rd and 4th, but I digress.

As you can see, this is my excuse for a blog. I basically am going to be posting pictures and rambling for the rest of the blog week. We did just finish the November digital newsletter. It has plenty of randomness too. If you did not receive it in your in box and you want to (shameless plug), then click HERE to get it sent to you.

Well, I promised a Thanksgiving picture and they crack me up…

squirrel thanks

Random Randomness

I’m told that I’m supposed to use blog titles that might have some Internet optimization quality. I don’t think this title will pass muster.  But, it does allow me to just insert some legal news and attachments without any organization.

I usually try to give brief descriptions with a comment and give the attachment, in case you want to read more. Some just make it hard to even give a thought. Of course, Dick Cavett said, “It’s a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear”.  Maybe that goes for reading a blog too.  See, the randomness begins.

First story comes from Connecticut. Police were called when a 911 call was placed to advise that someone was on the playground giving children beer. Two were charged with giving beer to a 4 year-old and beer and cocaine to a 10 month-old child. (Looking away uncomfortably.)

Next from MSNBC.  Five people were stabbed during a “Welcome Home From Jail Party”.  One woman was also detained for allegedly firing a gun.   (Not sure if I should insert something like they played “Pin the tail on the human” or just suggest that the title of the party was a bit prophetic) announced Toronto’s worst named restaurants. Just a sample: “The Big Chubby Burger”. Of course, I’m probably not one to criticize since I once owned a restaurant named “Glutton’s”. The concept was that all sandwiches were so big that only a Glutton could finish one. I know; with that concept, you’re not surprised that the result was that I must have been a Glutton for punishment. (Just thought I’d throw this story in for some marketing discussion)

Finally, here’s a news story from an “Occupy Portland” event.  Police were walking through the event to make sure that the demonstration remained peaceful. One guy seemed to be drunk, so the police decided to speak with him and  put him through a test  to determine if he should be charged for being drunk in public. He assured them that he wasn’t and went on to show them that he had a mason jar that was filled with bags of marijuana. Yep, that’s quite a defense.

And now, it just seems like we need some organization to get away from such randomness. Here’s pic o’ day:

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