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Get a Hold of The Truth

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In 1991, while serving as an editor for Forbes Magazine, Michael Dobbs started a “Hoax”  to try to persuade the world that the Russian government was preparing to auction off the well preserved corpse of their former president, Vladimir Lenin. (Story here) The story said that the bidding would start at 15 million dollars to aid the failing Russian economy.

Russian government officials were furious over the story/hoax. Especially because people started to believe it. Russia was supposedly deluged with offers for the body.  The Russian Interior Minister denounced it as an impudent lie and called it an unpardonable provocation. I guess the word hoax is a really a lie… with a smirk. The Washington Post titled their response to the story with the funny caption, Is Lenin For Sale? Of Corpse Not!

Yesterday, one of our lawyers was discussing an opposing lawyer’s handling of evidence. That lawyer had indicated that a doctor needed more time to write a report that was due under a court order. (Virginia Rule 4:10 exam). Unbeknownst to the lawyer, the doctor separately indicated he was late with the report because he had been on vacation. We discussed how we would file a motion to exclude that doctor’s opinion because of his failure to provide his report in a timely fashion.

Was the lawyer telling the truth? One word that judges do not like to see used in the courtroom is liar. Saying that another lawyer “lied” is considered unacceptable. So instead, you have come up with terms like saying that the opposing counsel is “not accurately portraying the facts” or “demonstrating sharp practice”.  As I think about it, I guess I have even said “misrepresentation”.

When Roger Clemens was before Congress during the baseball steroid hearings, they were questioning him about statements that his teammates had made regarding Clemens and his steroid use. He never called them liars. He simply said that they “misremembered”.

It’s unknown who said it but I like this statement on the importance of full truth, “Beware of half truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half”.  


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