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Storming the Virginia Court System

Does rain or snow impact the Court system in Virginia? Well, “Sandy” has given an answer.

Virginia Courts are closed. According to Governor Bob McDonnell, state executive branch offices were closed on Monday and he reportedly copied his executive order to the judicial, legislative branches and independent agencies.

Monday was supposed to be a swearing in day for new Virginia lawyers. I am not sure exactly what happened; but, apparently the “show must go on”.  The Supreme Court’s website listed that, ”  the Virginia State Bar Admission Ceremony will take place as scheduled, the Court posted on its website. “Essential personnel required to support this event should report as planned.” New lawyers will be sworn in!

In Federal Courts of the Eastern District and the Bankruptcy courts, their websites posted closure notices and the U.S. Court system sent out an email closure notice. The notice said, “Jurors, litigants, lawyers, and others should check their local court’s website for closure details or use the court locator to find court websites”. Sounds like a puzzle.

The power of Sandy goes into the Court room and allows “Lady Justice” to take off her blind fold and take a break. Now that is some powerful wind and rain!


In a storm like this, trees falling become big concerns. For pic o’ day, I saw this on facebook. How many faces can you find in the trees?



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