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Let’s Talk Holiday

I wanted to start the blog out with wishing you a Merry Christmas, since I feel that advertisers have been doing that since September. When is it fashionable to begin wishing friends a Happy Easter. I say sometime around December 10.

First, a word on shopping, because it feels like a shopping craze is all around me. And as a side note, how did all these stores get my email? Seriously, I cannot read my emails because I have too many shopping emails. What happened?

Anyway, In keeping with my apparent complaining about being bombarded with shopping news, here is some news that I wouldn’t even know how to comment on, if I even did. I guess this qualifies as shopping news?


To make the blog worthwhile, here is an article from USA Today titled 5 security mistakes you’re probably making. I  am posting it as an attachment because I know you will read it… if you have the time.

And by the way… I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. (Yes, I am getting carried away)

And for pic o’ day, now we are getting down to business on the shopping. Right?


Seriously… December 2?

I truly feel as though 2013 has been the fastest year of my life. Now, the hustle of the holidays.  Sometimes, I feel like my desk is on Interstate 95. Maybe that’s why people wish for the fictional town of Mayberry.

Of course, how can you argue with the simplicity of the Mayberry character Earnest T with such famous quotes as, ” I already know the front part of the alphabet: A-B-C-F-L-G.  I know a lot of other letters too, but not in a row like that.”

I remember my Bible teacher, Dr Custer, who taught us the meaning of the Bible term “walking circumspectly”. He defined it as “walking with eyes in the back of your head”.

We live in a day and time when individuals of bad character are trying to take advantage of our busy lives. They dream up schemes and scams. We have to walk with eyes in the back of our head to be careful.

USA Today is warning of scams for our holiday online shopping. According to the article, criminals are concentrating on mobile devices and social media. Cybercriminals have begun to flood emails and social media postings with tainted web links, offers for worthless products and attempts to get us to fill out fake forms, to give them our personal information.

There are fake delivery confirmations and order notices that are supposedly being sent from such companies as FedEX, UPS, DHL, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target and even ToysRus. Just clicking on those links can cause a hacker to take control of your computer.

Companies that are working to fight these fraudulent attacks such as Signifyd, instruct us not to click on these sites unless you specifically know that you are expecting a specific package and the email is coming from a person that you personally know. Even then, these corporate companies almost never send personal confirmation emails.

One cybersecurity analyst noted that, “We tend to trust our mobile devices because no one else touches them. Plus, we’re human and we feel compelled to click”. That is why these cybercriminals are focusing on online scams.

On Monday, privacy solutions vendor Abine released a DoNotTrackMe browsing tool. There are other tools online that can fight these tracking software mechanisms. Still, I thought that a blog reminder at this time of year is a good reminder…  for me. Some things have been popping in the “in box” that are tempting to click.   Instead, I shake my head and wish for simpler days! A reminder of Dr Custer’s instruction.

And for simple things, DID YOU KNOW that the chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1933? Here is some cookie history that made me smile and hungry,  that includes the Toll House Inn.

For pic o’ day from Amy M.

Sandwich Dog


Swap, Sell, Shop, Save

I just read about an unusual entrepreneurial idea call Its slogan is the title of the blog and is the brainchild of a lawyer who could not affford to buy expensive dress clothes. Her law school loans interfered with her shopping. Not to be deterred, she came up with an idea to dress well and make money.

Her website offers “gently” used designer goods for sale. It charges a 10 percent fee to sellers, who can also decide to swap their credits for merchandise. What used to be considered as “no way am I going to wear used clothes” is now viewed as “Look at me, I am recycling”. It’s a way to get those “gently worn” Jimmy Choo shoes!

DID YOU KNOW that the longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds? There’s just something depressing about that feat.

And for pic o’ day, just a reminder that we represent bike riders… Well, most bike riders:


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