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Social Media Lesson

Here’s a starter for Monday. Did you feel like Uncle D’s dog this morning? It looks like Jake just couldn’t get motivated!


The quick topic for Our Blog was written about in several newspapers including an article in the Washington Post titled (here) “Six middle fingers on Snapchat lead to disqualification of Junior League softball team.”

An Atlee softball team, whose actions made it to ESPN.(here) But not because of winning. The Virginia players were supposed to play on national television at the Junior League World Series. Just hours before the game, the Atlee Little League softball team was disqualified from the tournament.

One of their players posted a photo on Snapchat that showed six of the girls giving the middle finger. The post was directed at the host club from Kirkland, Washington. Kirkland was the team that Atlee had defeated in the semifinals.

After the picture was posted, it was quickly removed. They then attempted to apologize for it, but the league felt that the damage was done.

Little League spokesman Kevin Fountain called the post “inappropriate” in a statement to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He said that it violated the league’s “policies regarding unsportsmanlike conduct.”

Here is the redacted picture that was posted and then later removed:


The article raises the idea of the responsibility of supervising, and “does the punishment fit the crime?”.

The manager of Atlee took offense to the disqualification.  “It’s a travesty for these girls,” Currie told the Times-Dispatch on Saturday. “Yes, they screwed up, but I don’t think the punishment fit the crime.”

This was a hard lesson for these players. The power…and pressure of social media and the effect of a posting.

And here is an editorial about the “aftermath” that summarizes one reporter’s thoughts. A national story about a local Virginia team.

And finally for our pic o’ day, this is “thematic” with our social media topic.



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