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Water Salesmanship?

On Netflix, there is a series titled Scam City, where the host travels to some of the world’s most popular destinations, to expose scams being pulled on tourists. (more on the series here)

The host manages to work up the “ladder” in each of the countries to talk to various individuals, and find out why they are pulling these scams. It’s interesting to hear their explanations.

In Buenos Aires, counterfeit money is a real problem which includes many of the taxi drivers giving fake money as change to the tourists. The reason that everyone gives as to why it’s ok to hand out fake money is described as “not a scam, it’s a contradiction”.

When the host travels to Las Vegas, he sees the various “VIP scams” where individuals sell worthless VIP cards to get into dance clubs. Then, he interviews a card shark to learn tricks of card playing. The card shark describes his scamming as not really cheating. Instead he is actually just a card mechanic. The scamming is not really stealing, it’s just being crafty.

I saw an analogy in this series when I recently saw the lawsuit that was filed against Poland Springs in this article from BDN Maine titled Lawsuit claims Poland Spring a ‘colossal fraud,’ selling groundwater.

A pile of Poland Spring water bottles.
Pile of Poland Spring

According to the article, a group of bottled water drinkers has brought a class action lawsuit against Poland Spring, alleging that the Maine business has long deceived consumers by mislabeling common groundwater. The lawsuit was filed in a Connecticut Federal Court and claims that Nestle Waters North America Inc. has committed a “colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers.”

The lawsuit claims that the company is simply selling groundwater which cannot be called spring water and that its purification methods disqualify the water as meeting federal regulations as a spring water.

The company spokesman has responded that “the claims are without merit” and that “Poland Spring is 100% spring water”. The article is filled with allegations that payoffs have been basically made, which caused the Maine Drinking Water Program to approve many of the water permits to the company. The lawsuit claims that “not one drop” of Poland Spring bottled water is from a spring.

This always begs the questions, “Is bottled water safer than tap water?” and “Is tap water safe?”. To answer that question, I am attaching an article from that is titled 21 Facts About Bottled Water, The Environment, & Human Health.

A quick summary of the article deals with the harms of all the plastic of bottled water. It goes on to recite that some brands are basically bottling tap water. And, we know that some tap water is safe and some is not. Which means that some bottled waters are safe… and some are not. Of course, none of the bottled water companies market their product as simply fresh tap water, because no one would buy it.

So what is the best bottled water to buy? Well, I am attaching one survey from bestreview.guides (here) that lists Fiji Spring water as #1. Curiously, Poland Spring Brand is #9.

This article (here) from lists Resource Spring Water as #1 and Fiji Spring Water as #2.

I guess we should be reminded that the brand of Evian is really naive spelled backwards. Right? What are they saying to us?

I still don’t feel safe drinking out of the tap. I miss those days on the farm when it all felt safe and real!

And for pic o’ day, the totality of this just makes me laugh! Is the dog left-handed? Just wondering.


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