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Fighting Medical Errors reports that “Sully” Sullenberger is now on the lecture circuit for patient safety.  I have pulled out a portion of the article. His focus is to get healthcare providers to share information, to help reduce medical errors.


Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in 2009 coolly landed his jet safely on the Hudson River in what was dubbed as the Miracle on the Hudson. He has refashioned himself as an expert on reducing medical errors, which by some estimates kill up to 200,000 people a year — “the equivalent of 20 jetliners crashing per week,” he told POLITICO. If tens of thousands of people died in plane crashes, he says, “There would be a national ground stop. Fleets would be grounded. Airports would close. There would be a presidential commission. The NTSB would investigate. No one would fly until we had solved the problems.” But patients die needlessly every day, and it’s barely a blip on the national radar. Click for full article (

     DID YOU KNOW that 90% of US money contains traces of cocaine (CNN) I attached the cite for that because it seems almost unbelievable. I guess there is validity to the term “dirty money”.

     And for pic o’ day I found the adversary to Lawyer Dog:

Lawyer Dog Purr jury cat


Pat Down the Pilot

     When you go to a restaurant, don’t you feel better when you see the staff eating the food. Today I asked a hostess of a seafood restaurant to tell me her favorite meal. “oh” she said, “I don’t eat fish”. Maybe she just loads up on the hush puppies. Plus, that’s supposed to be comfort food anyway. 

     As I aimlessly blog toward a topic that must fit the title,  I  take you into the world of conspiracy again. I’m not talking about Prince William getting engaged in Kenya and President Obama being born in Kenya,  kind of conspiracy. No, I am returning us again to the world of airport scanners.

     Before you jump to a more exciting story like Kanye West versus Matt Lauer,  or the man who was impersonating a police officer and fooled no one…. because he wasn’t wearing shoes;  Just give me one indulgence to prove that this has a little bit of interest to us all.

     First, we see that the Boston Herald is reporting that Pilots do not want to go through scanners either. One recent pilot went through and had his butter knife taken away. The man can’t butter a good biscuit in the cockpit. Come on Man. (whoops, wrong blog).

     Famous pilot Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, complained about pilots being subjected to intrusive body searches and repeated radiation exposure.  His reason for voicing that pilots should not be subjected to this ramped up security is that  “Pilots are already the last line of defense for anyone who poses a threat…. We would like to think that we are trusted partners in that important security mission”.

     Then, after being assured that body scans are immediately destroyed, out comes a different story. In Orlando, over 100 “naked” images are leaked in response to a freedom of information request. Now, the crowd is getting riled up on the Internet and scheduling an “opt out”  rally against the scanning.   

     I could keep posting stories that all lead to the same conclusion. We want to be safe but there must be a better way. In a separate story, bike and shoe sales are up. Well, not really, I was just starting a separate transportation conspiracy.

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