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A Little More About Our TV Ads

Yesterday we shot TV spots that included a spot in our market, for the upcoming Super Bowl. The ad should run between the third and fourth quarter.

I have shot my ads at different locations over the years. This time, we were at a TV station in Richmond, Virginia.

Our social media team is putting together a “behind-the-scenes” of our ads. I liked the GoPro cameras there, but I noticed that none of the cameras seemed to help put more hair on my head. Just saying! (Is it wrong to covet a better head of hair? Yes… it probably is but that’s the excitement of Hollywood!)

Which leads me to some behind the scenes trivia from prior TV shows and movies. For instance, the bench that was used in the movie Forrest Gump where Forrest sat for most of the movie as he told his story…








was a movie prop that had been placed in Chippewa Square in downtown Savannah, Georgia.  It has since been moved to the Savannah History Museum.


I guess life really is like a box of chocolates…and a bench that made history!

Over 500 vehicles were destroyed during the filming of Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. However, the producers of the movie did not have to pay anything for them. They were given to them by an insurance company because they had all already been damaged in a flood.

Here’s some craziness from TV past. NBC’s longest airing western, Bonanza, that aired from 1959-1973, has a cost-cutting curious piece of trivia.


All the actors received one costume at the beginning of each season. This was done to keep the cost of costumes down and make it easier in case they had to reshoot any of the scenes.

For our commercials… I did change a few times but no popcorn was harmed during the shooting of the Super Bowl ad!

And now our pic o’ day… (Some Old McDonald trivia?)


Spoiler Alert

If it’s a movie or TV show that I haven’t seen, I always appreciate the warning of spoiler alert. I’ve never been one skip to the end of the book to see what happens, before reading the book. I’m not sure that’s really a good analogy. Do people really do that?

As to spoiler alerts, I think some kids probably should get a spoiler alert to life. The belief in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy are the wonder of childhood. When you find out the truth… you wonder how you ever believed, and you miss being paid for losing your teeth.

Some kids are told that their old dogs are no longer at the house. They have gone to happily live at a farm for old dogs. I think I was told that one; and to this day, I still believe it!

Well, I wanted to write a blog about something positive to get us started after a long weekend. There really is a farm for old dogs! One in Virginia is called Here is their mission:

Our mission is to save senior animals. Peaceful Passings will work to achieve our mission and vision by housing and caring for senior and hospice animals, in a home environment. We will work to educate the public as to the worth and dignity of life, and provide sheltering where the needs of senior animals are met, as long as a quality of life remains.

I saw a story about them on PBS and it made me smile.  You probably don’t have time to watch it right now but I am posting that episode right here.  It might be something to come back to and watch when you want a feel good story. Their website gives streamlined information.

And for pic o’ day, I am posting one that I saw on Facebook yesterday. Even dogs are happy about some sun and beach… right?


O.J. Simpson Upcoming Television

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story  premiers on FX Network on February 2. In June, ESPN’s 30 for 30 series will air a five-part mini-series on the rise and fall of Simpson called O.J.: Made in America.

I will probably watch both the docudrama and the documentary. I have a clear memory of that fateful night when O.J. in that white Bronco, captured the nation’s attention. Then his trial on national television everyday, watched faithfully by viewers who treated the televised trial like a riveting soap opera with tremendous ratings. (Click here if you want a refresher on the O.J. Simpson murder trial)

I read an article from Business Insider as a primer for the upcoming ESPN documentary. After watching the upcoming documentary, the writer tells several facts that he learned about O.J including the following:

1. O. J. was asked during his career why he wasn’t doing more for civil rights and African-Americans. His response, “I’m not black, I’m O.J.”. The crafting of a persona for marketing purposes.

2. During the years that Simpson and his wife Nicole were married, the police were called to the house over 10 times.

3. One time that the police were called, they found O.J. holding a bat while his wife was crying hysterically next to a car with its windshield completely smashed.

4. The series gives details about O.J. and Nicole Brown’s murder including Simpson’s blood being found at the scene of the crime and a trail of blood leading back to his home.

5. Simpson declined the police request that he take a lie-detector test after the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. His reason as told to his friend was that “I’ve had dreams of killing Nicole”.

6. To help pay for his “Dream Team” defense team of lawyers, he would sit in his jail cell each night after trial and autograph items for sale. Supposedly, that memorabilia brought him over 3 million in proceeds.

So… that’s probably why I will watch both of these!

And for pic o’ day, I am posting one of those family photos that they classify as “gone horribly wrong”. In this instance, it’s some “superheroes” posing like they did several years ago. This seemed appropriate to the subject matter of the blog. Comparing O.J. looking bad during the trial… and looking worse now! Of course, the more I look at this picture… the worse it gets too!!



Lights Are Red, Lights Are Green

If you are a fan of the TV show The Blacklist, then you are probably a fan of James Spader. In the mid-nineties, he starred in a show called Stargate that was based  on time travel and extraterrestrials. Yes… probably not based on a true story!

In the show, the country that served as the travel portal to other planets was Egypt. Spader was able to solve the identity of the villain, because he figured out how to save the day by using his understanding of Linguistics in figuring out the ancient Egyptian writings.

According to  the Spader character, reading Egyptian is not that hard “once you know the vowels”. Since Egyptian hieroglyphs were only written using consonants, that served as a joke that only readers of Egyptian would appreciate. Can’t imagine a lot of laughter during that show.

I took you on that long metaphor ride because I was reminded of that reasoning when I saw an article in the Pilot Online. It’s titled Norfolk to adjust timing of 60 traffic lights.

Norfolk is set to receive 600K in state and federal money to “retime” 60 traffic lights in Norfolk, over the next three years. According to a 2010 National Cooperative Highway Research Program, lights that aren’t timed to move traffic efficiently, actually make traffic more congested, causes more accidents and increases pollution from vehicle emissions.

Clearly, the idea sounds like a winner. The traffic lights are not currently on a timer. They change based on the unpredictability of traffic.

Here’s where it seems like we are filling in the vowels. First, it makes me wonder why a 2010 report is the driving force. I guess the answer is turtle movement of government. Second, If I was defending traffic tickets, doesn’t this suggest an argument that the “light wasn’t really red, officer“, Just bad timing?

Yes, that was just my stream of consciousness on this article. Plus, how can you argue with a little Egyptian humor?




And for pic o’ day, a bit of costume theme (or ideas?) for the weekend:


A Working Blog

I felt like I spent all weekend downloading the new Apple update. Every device would remind me that I had downloaded on another device. The update took so long to download that I felt like answering each device with… no kidding. Yes… I know that the iCloud is on the other device. Just my quick Apple rant!

I titled this  A Working Blog because it includes  “work stuff” variety. Here are two pictures from our TV production last week. First is from the spot that we shot for a UNOS TV spot. It has Lisa Shaffner, public relations director for UNOS, and me. We are doing a commercial to advertise the upcoming UNOS event supporting Donation and Transplantation. As soon as the spot is ready, it will be on the website.


And then a shot while I was filming one of our 15 second Joel Bieber Firm TV spots. I am always fascinated with the green screen and how barren that a TV production studio feels and looks. After the magic of production, they can put any background in there they want, and it makes it look like I am standing in front of a bunch of books or an office overlooking some grand window. The finished product always makes me smile. Maybe someday they will even make it look like I have hair!!!!!


And since we have been hiring additional paralegals, assistants and lawyers, I thought this was firm timely. Here is a funny interpretation of the interview process:

Job interview

I hope it’s a great Monday! As I say at the conclusion of each of our attorney meetings… Carpe Diem!

Business on a Handshake

Every Tuesday night, on CNBC’s new show “The Profit”, millionaire Marcus Lemonis makes a monetary offer to be involved in rescuing a failing business.  He requires the principals to allow him to be fully in charge for one week. Then, the show follows that week of change and turmoil. He does all his business deals by handshake agreement. (story here) There is no written contract.

animal handshake

I highly recommend the show because it has solid business principles and also reminds you of the reasons that some businesses just don’t make it. Separately, it is amazing to see a successful business man who still does business on the contract of a handshake. The pasted story gives some reminder of the history of business by handshake. Plus, it also is a reminder of the good old days… when someone’s word was their bond!

Did you know that a group of kangaroos is called a mob?


And for pic o’ day… it’s all about math:

math problem

“House of Cards” Thought

House of Cards” is a Netflix original series that had Wall Street talking last week. Unrelated to the show, Netflix had seen a dramatic rise in its stock over the past few days. That’s because the streaming network has been gobbling up programming and beating its competition. Amazon and Apple TV are suddenly trying to catch-up.

This isn’t a blog about whether Warren Buffet would invest in Internet programming. Instead, new ground has been broken with a slick television series that was available for viewing in our homes, without a “brick and mortar” televison network being involved. Instead, to watch the show, you have to pay the monthly fee to Netflix, not to some cable or satellite company. That’s the only way that you can see Kevin Spacey play a Democratic congressman/ House Majority Whip.

Curiously, they have written the storyline to include Spacey to be a Congressman from South Carolina, whose district includes Gaffney. That’s why it’s crazy that one of the show topics includes a lawsuit over the big peach that is along the highway. That peach has its own claim to fame when you search it on the Internet.

The show does discuss the making of laws in all of its dirty back-room politics glory. No one is living a life that resembles any kind of good character. In fact, it is all unsurprisingly immoral… exactly what we expect from politics.

The reason that the show makes the blog is because of one of the programming methods that is being used. The main character (Spacey) regularly turns directly to the camera and looks to the viewer. Then, he speaks directly ” to the viewer” to give some background or “wisdom” on what is going on in the scene or in the mind of one of the other characters.

I would guess that there is some risk with this viewing method. Of course, Netflix is taking the risk that by spending on this series, more people will subscribe.

As to speaking into the camera directly, wouldn’t it impact our lives if we really believed that someone was always watching everything that we were doing. Would that effect our conduct in life? Perhaps, it would make more people accept responsibility for what they do. Maybe it would even make insurance companies act differently. Well…. maybe I am getting a little carried away on the insurance part. Still, can you believe that the Peach made it into the show?

For pic o’ day I went with a life of practical:

4 Twitter Followers

     In 1977,  the US Supreme Court decided the case of  Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, which said that it was ok for lawyers to advertise their services. At the time, the Arizona bar had attempted to discipline some Arizona bankruptcy lawyers, who had placed an advertisement in a newspaper.

     When I went to college, I couldn’t decide on a major. I knew that I wanted to go to law school, but I knew that there were different paths to take. I also knew about the Bates case. So, I decided to major in Radio and Television. I did end up changing to Political Science after getting a bit of Radio/Television (RTV).

     At the time of my RTV pursuits, the equipment was a bit primitive. I “landed” the morning sports  report on the school radio station and got to practice as a weather man on one  TV project. All that got me ready to hit the gound running,  for some radio and TV legal advertising, in  later years.

     I have done all kinds of legal advertising. Even the coffee mugs have been a hit.  Well, maybe not all the TV ads were big hits. Throughout the years, though, television advertising has probably been the most important.

     When I heard that the house/compound of Bin Laden, had no phones or Internet, I guess we could have guessed that it was only a matter of time that he would be found. I mean, you know that he had to be hooked on the afternoon “Soaps”. Then, ABC went and cancelled its “Soaps“.  No more “One Life to Live” for Bin Laden.  See, the importance of television.

     Well, technology kept moving and the law firm kept moving with it. Our Internet has been effectively providing information and getting people to contact us. Facebook lets my friends know what I am doing personally. Even Linkedin is a connection for people.

     Through all this, I’ve been fighting the need to be on Twitter. I have never understood why people send such important information like, “I’m doing laundry today”. I just didn’t see the need, despite my embrace of other technology.

     Plus, there are people on Twitter that violate the Mark Twain’s old  saying that “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”. With that in mind, here’s one stupid post as reported by ESPN, from the account of a Pittsburgh Steelers running back (Rashard Mendenhall), that was posted on Monday, regarding Bin Laden: 

     “What kind of person celebrates death? It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side…”

     Mendenhall didn’t hold back, even making a reference to the Sept. 11 attacks.

     “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.”

     Anyway, I am now embracing Twitter. It won’t be for advertising but it will be for quick legal information or quotes . My intent is to send out some article or picture, with my one, or two line thoughts.

     Right now, as the blog title suggests, we just got busy. I have 4 followers. Now, I do appreciate the four. I just hope that you will join the “group”. Click the button below to follow me.     

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