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Just Some Thankful Thoughts



I have asked many people what they are doing for this Thanksgiving. Almost without exception, it’s a time of family or at least a time of get-together. I hope this day makes you smile and that you have a moment to pause and reflect. I am so thankful for how fortunate I am and how blessed I feel.  My heart feels full.

Finally, this is a pic o’ day that I have posted for the last 3 years. Just the continuum of posting it makes me smile. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Truly! These are the good days!


Thankful Thoughts

I sit here writing the blog before Our Thanksgiving Blog,  wanting to write about thanks. You are probably in the midst of lots of stuff that includes planning, family and “getting ready”.

Yesterday, I felt so fortunate to celebrate my Mom’s birthday, with lunch at the Williamsburg Lodge. Then, I posted a quick picture on Facebook of mom and me. I was laughing then about it, and I am laughing now. I feel so thankful!

In keeping with wanting to post a quick blog today, here’s an article from titled 129 Reasons to be Thankful. It asks 129 celebrities why they are thankful. Some good things to think about.

So many reasons to be thankful!


Just Rambling and Rumbling

I know that we are on the Thanksgiving countdown. Does that mean I should be writing Our blog on thanks?


Here’s something unrelated to Thanksgiving. According to Hammurabi’s Code, the penalty for medical malpractice was to cut off the doctor’s hands. I guess that’s a policy of no mistakes accepted. (See, if I randomly throw in facts in the blog, it qualifies as a blog and still gives me an excuse to post lots of pictures!)

Are you already trying to work on the perfect Christmas gifts. That means you have bypassed Thanksgiving? Come on! Anyway, how about giving someone a suitcase with their picture on the side? Now that is personalized luggage!


Sometimes I hear a fact… and it makes me wish I had never heard it. How about this one? The reason the coffin was supposedly invented for burial, was to prevent the “dearly departed” from coming back and haunting their survivors. I prefer to not believe that reason for invention. I say “No”.

Let’s move on to something that makes me feel good. I don’t even know why I threw that in there, but stream of consciousness blogging sometimes has its regrets. Better to have blogging without impunity!

Let’s conclude with our pic o’ day because you have “miles to go before you sleep, and miles to go before you sleep”. I have posted this a couple of times, but it’s also my screensaver on one of my computers.  Since we are working our way to Thanksgiving, how can you not be thankful for best day ever!IMG_0782

Bent Letters to the Right?

In 1994, artist Dwight Kalb sent David Letterman a statue of Madonna, made of 180 pounds of ham. Originally, I was going to write a blog with a food theme. As I began writing, I realized it was probably as useful as art made from ham.

So, instead, I have attached an article from, that provides us with clues on how to read a person’s handwriting. How’s that for Our Thursday blog?

I cannot say that I totally believe this. But again… it is more useful than ham!


If letters slant to the left: Indicates introspection and a lot of emotional control.

If letter slant to the right: Reveals a person who’s outgoing, friendly, impulsive, and emotionally open.

If letters are straight up and down: The sign of someone who’s ruled by the head, not the heart.

Letters that slant in more than one direction: Indicates versatility and adaptability.

An erratic slant: Usually means a lack of flexibility.

Heavy pressure writing (like you can feel the rib made on the back of the paper): The writer is agitated.

Moderate pressure (the writing is dark, but you can’t feel the rib on the other side of the paper): Shows ability to deal with stress.

Light pressure: Indicates someone who seems to take life in stride.

Tiny letters: Indicate the writer is has somewhat low self esteem but is intelligent.

Small letters: The hallmark of quiet, introspective types – they’re generally detail-oriented and have good concentration.

Large letters: Sign of a confident, easygoing individual.

Huge letters: Indicate someone who’s theatrical, usually loud, and needs to be the center of attention at all times.

Wide letters (their width and height are about the same): The mark of someone who’s open and friendly.

Narrow letters: Show someone who’s somewhat shy and inhibited but very self-disciplined.

Letters that don’t touch: Indicate an impulsive, artistic, sometimes impractical free thinker.

Some letters connecting: Means the writer’s personality blends logic and intuition.

All letters making contact: The sign of someone who’s highly cautious.

A curved first mark: Shows a person who’s traditional and plays by the rules.

A straight beginning stroke: Reveals someone who’s rigid and doesn’t like being told what to do.

A final stroke straight across: The writer is cautious.

An end mark that curves up: Reveals generosity.

Perfect penmanship: The hallmark of a communicative person.

An indecipherable scrawl: Indicates a person who’s secretive, closed-up and likes to keep his thoughts to himself.


So that’s clues in handwriting. Like Colonel Mustard, in the living room, with the wrench.

And for pic o’ day, I figured it was a good time to slip one in for Thanksgiving. It feels like everywhere else we are just sliding right into the holidays and bypassing Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving “Stuff”ing

I truly enjoy Thanksgiving. All of it! The food, the thanks, the giving! I truly have so many reasons to be thankful. But, I always feel like I need to add some extra workouts!


I know you have a busy day and weekend so I will just post a few quickies. First, here’s our newsletter for November, in case you didn’t receive it in your email.

And here we go, the first is one that I post every year because it always makes me laugh….



And some random:









And where else can you find some Noah’s Ark Thanksgiving humor?



And finally, just some thoughts









I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Meaningful Weekend!




Feeling So Thankful

History tells us that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated on February 21, 1621, when several starving pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were fed because of the arrival of a well-stocked ship from Ireland.

Now on Thanksgiving Day, the President of the United States pardons one turkey to spare its life. The pardoned turkey is set free, to spend the rest of its life roaming on farmland.

The Internet is filled with special recipes for Thanksgiving; ideas for table settings and centerpieces, and even ways to to arrange furniture to accommodate a lot of family. All of that is certainly part of Thanksgiving.


Each year I sit down to write my Thanksgiving blog and what this holiday means to me. I start with the possibility of trying to write something creative. Then, I always come back to the same thought. Those 6 letters  of thanks are really all that matters. I have so many reasons to be thankful. Thankfulness for my past, which makes my present so meaningful… and gives me the hope of what tomorrow will bring.

Here’s a turkey message that was sent to me!



I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will be back on Monday… after many spoonfuls of mashed potatoes.


Plato on Law

“Laws are partly formed for the sake of good men, in order to instruct them how they may live on friendly terms with one another, and partly for the sake of those who refuse to be instructed, whose spirit cannot be subdued, or softened, or hindered from plunging into evil.”

– Plato

Legend has it that when Philosopher Plato was an infant, bees landed on his lips while he was sleeping. As a result, it caused him to have a sweetness of style during his discourse on philosophy. I would think that instead, he would have complained of chapped lips.

And of course, we have more Thanksgiving Pic o’s:



And who can argue with my yearly car load of turkeys driving crazy.

car load o'turkeys

Thank You Thoughts and Pictures

History  tell us that the first Thanksgiving celebration can be traced back to 1671. It was celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts by the Pilgrims. They had survived the trip from England and Europe as well as their first bitter winter in 1620.

Under the rule of the Continental Congress,  President George Washington declared a National Day of Thanksgiving “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God”.

I think that Thanksgiving has a different meaning to each of us. A couple of days ago, I sent out our Firm newsletter/eBlast here, which caused me to look at my last year’s introduction before writing the one for this November eBlast. It made me travel down memory lane a bit.

For some things this year, I am glad that I will only see those events in my memory rearview mirror. Other things just make me feel good when I think about them and feel so thankful. I am also reminded that I have so many reasons to be thankful.

I plan on spending time with family; eating a big meal; putting on my loose fitting pajamas; watching some football; eating some leftovers; and spending more time with family. I cannot wait to be thankful!!!! The perfect day for buffet pants.


Favorite program

And finally, I post another pic o from the past. This one always makes me laugh. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And, I hope you will be back on Monday with a smile and the knowledge that you should never feel guilty for having a second piece!

car load o'turkeys

Healthy and Grateful

I have been looking for articles regarding thankfulness, which led me to an article by Leslie Barker in the Dallas Morning News. 10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Live Longer includes being grateful. Plus, it has a lot of other good ideas.

So, I am posting this, despite the fact that it probably is a bit of a stretch for a legal blog. But, I am grateful that you understand me by now. (see what I did there!!!) This article includes quotes and support from a few doctors. A good reminder of the benefit of being thankful… and some other stuff:

Floss:  Flossing removes plaque, the bacterial film that forms along your gum line. Lessen your chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and some forms of cancer. (Dr. Larry Korenman).

Years added? More than six if you floss daily (which only 5 percent to 10 percent of Americans do), writes Dr. Michael Roizen in RealAge.

Get a colonoscopy: “It’s a great test,” says Radhika Vayani, an internal medicine doctor of osteopathy at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. That could save you from having colon cancer in five years.” Years added? Lots. Nine out of 10 people whose colon cancer is discovered early will still be alive in 10 years, according to the American Cancer Society. Many will live a normal lifespan.

Stop eating before you are full: Most Americans eat and eat “till we’re so full we’re about to be sick,” says Vayani. “But it takes the body 15 to 20 minutes to say, ‘You’re full.’”

Years added? Being 100 pounds overweight can subtract a decade from your life, according to an Oxford University study. So it stands to reason that maintaining a healthy weight and thus reducing your risk for diabetes, heart disease and various other unpleasantries would add at least some precious time to your life.

Use sunscreen: In a Centers for Disease Control study, only 32 percent of adults reported usually applying sunscreen. Yet this year in the U.S., 3.5 million people will get skin cancer and 76,000 more will develop melanoma, says the American Cancer Society. Every hour, someone will die from that deadliest form.

Years added? Possibly 20. The CDC study reported that someone who died of melanoma between 2000 and 2006 died two decades prematurely. Although the sun doesn’t cause all melanomas, it does cause most.

Stop smoking: Years added? “If you quit at age 30, you can increase your life by 10 years,” she says. Quit at 40? Add nine years. 50? Six years. 60? Three.

Sleep: Not getting enough has been linked to memory problems, hearing problems, anger, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, vehicle accidents and obesity. A decades-long international study of 1.3 million people found “unequivocal evidence of the direct link” between lack of sleep and premature death, according to

Move: “Exercise has been demonstrated over and over to be useful,” Johnson says. “Truth is, any level is of value.” Walking, he says “gets you outside, and some outside is good as long as you don’t overdo it. Years added? At least three years. That’s the number from a study reported in The Lancet for people who exercised even 15 minutes a day. Put another way, a story on WBUR-FM, Boston’s public radio station, reported that every minute you exercise adds seven minutes to your life.

Eat produce: Benefits abound. Among them: Eating five or more servings per day — instead of a piddly three or less — reduces your risk of stroke by 26 percent, according to a study reported in Men’s Health. Years added? three to seven years.

Cultivate healthy relationships: Spending time with family and friends is “psychologically helpful,” Johnson says, adding that it “isn’t a cure-all; it won’t counteract a McDonald’s cheeseburger.”

Vayani tells patients, “If you have people in your life who are negative, who are pulling you down, you have to get rid of that relationship. It affects you more than you realize.” Years added? Nothing specific, but “studies have shown that people with more friends and people in healthy relationships live longer,” she says.

Be grateful: “We experience great things all day long that we fail to acknowledge,” Johnson says. “I don’t want to sound new wave-y, but our health is more than just physical health. I see dozens of people who have illnesses that would lay you or me low, but they seem totally happy. How in the Sam Hill can that be? They’ve chosen to look at the good instead of the challenges.”

Years added? Maybe some, maybe none. “Even if I don’t live a long time,” Johnson says, “I’m happy with what I experience.

And for pic o’ day, I am posting a picture that I have now posted for three straight years. This Thanksgiving pic never gets old!


thanksgiving with friends



It is a Good Friday!

This is a time of family, thankfulness and appreciation; and even baskets, chocolates and friendly rabbits.

lonely bunny

If you like marshmallow peeps… it’s a good time too. Plus, it includes Friday.

Friday dog

We just emailed our e-Blast for April. You can get it here if we did not send it to you. The staff put some good stuff in this April edition.

There is no shortage of funny Easter and rabbit pictures on the Internet. It just seems like it was only a couple months ago that we were posting these to the blog. Has it really been a year? Still, they make me smile every time.

cat ears

I hope this is a wonderful time for you and your family. Have a great weekend and make sure to find all the hidden eggs… especially the ones that have money in them. Also, I personally hope to see the Cadbury Bunny working this year.


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