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This, That and Food Thoughts


I come to Our Friday Blog, which usually means that I feel freedom to wander. Here we are in March. In fact, March Madness basketball has me completely distracted today. I cannot wait to see what the blog is about. (Oh wait…)

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to lose 5 pounds. Only 9 more pounds to go! But I think I know why. I started a 14 day diet. I enjoyed the food on it so much that I finished it in 2 days.


I saw a funny quote on Facebook. “Welcome to Plastic Surgery Addicts Anonymous. I am seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd this week and I just have to say, I am really disappointed”.

The Law of Association: You will become the average of the people that you spend the most time with.

And here is a thought on decisions. Did you know that on February 1, 2008, Microsoft tendered an offer for close to 45 billion dollars to buy Yahoo? Yahoo rejected the offer because their CEO, Jerry Yang, said that the bid “substantially undervalues Yahoo”. In 2016, Yahoo was bought by Verizon for 4.48 billion dollars. Hmm

If someone offers you a breath mint… never turn it down.

Can you write “never odd or even” backwards?

And finally, I am still focused on my bad decision making. Not as bad a Yahoo! But, I strangely found myself eating Nachos yesterday (because I gave myself the excuse that I was watching the tournament) Now that I sit here…not so  proud of my lunch selection… this pic o’ day just seemed appropriate.



Have a great weekend!

A Golfer’s Hole in 3

From the  Virginia Lawyers Weekly comes a case report about a golfer in Fairfax. It could be titled The case of  the golfer who falsely celebrated.

A charity sponsored a golf tournament that included a special $5,000 prize for anyone that shot a hole-in-one on the 13th hole. Based on the tournament rules, anyone that was over the age of 50 was entitled to play from the forward tees instead of the longer distance men’s tee box.

The golfer first hit a ball from the men’s tees,  that landed on the green. He then stepped up to the forward tees, where he was entitled to shoot, and scored a hole-in-one. He then began celebrating his $5,000 prize until his celebration was cut short when he was told that he had not won the prize, because of his original shot from the men’s tee box that did not go in the hole. He argued. They did not change their mind. He sued the charity for his claim of $5,000.

The defense retained Scott King, the current head coach of the George Mason University golf team and former head coach at William and Mary. King is also a longtime golf teacher and a 19-year member of the Professional Golfer’s Association. He was easily qualified to give court testimony as an expert on the hole-in-one claim.

King testified that under the rules of golf, the golfer’s score should have been scored as a “3”. First, the shot from the men’s tee box. Then, when he elected to shoot from the forward tee, he should have been assessed a penalty stroke. Finally, the ball that went into the hole on that shot then counted as stroke three. The court returned a verdict for the charity and against the golfer. For the golfer… it was strike three!

DID YOU KNOW that Florida law forbids rats to leave the ships that are docked in Tampa Bay? I know… what is that?

And for pic  o’ day, I am posting two pictures that I took yesterday. It’s a duck sitting on top of a BWW that was sitting in our office parking lot. Craziness!

Duck 1



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