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Coach Pagano’s Fear

While riding into work,  I heard that BlackBerry is running full-page advertisements in 30 major publications to reach their phone consumers directly. They want to assure their customers that the company will still be around in the future, and somehow the ad is to remove that fear of their company instability.

CNBC has a television show titled “Fast Money” that gives stock traders some possible suggestions for the next trading day. If you watch the program regularly, you almost get the feel that you know the traders because you watch them everyday and you also get to even know their sense of humor. Of course, you also become confident or shaky in their individual stock picks.

Recently, I have noticed that there are a few of those “experts”  who have consistently been wrong on their daily picks. Now, when the host ask for their first trade for the next morning,  these traders are now showing uncertainty by telling everyone to just wait it out through the government uncertainty. They now have the fear of stockpicking; which is understandable except that the show is “Fast Money” not “Slow Down and Wait”. Current losses have caused their fear.

Even when I think of the word Fear, I feel a personal reaction. I guess that even Tigers have fear.

Tiger Fear


I titled the blog “Coach Pagano’s Fear”. It relates to yesterday’s blog regarding the Chargers-Colts football game on Monday night. As a “constructively angry” fan, it seemed that the Colts coach made decisions that were grounded in fear.

In the game, the Colts lost. They lost for many reasons but it seemed that the loss started from the very top of the chain… the coach.

When Coach Pagano became the Colts head coach, he came from the Baltimore Ravens where he was known as a tough man. Since that time, he has fought a very public and heroic battle against leukemia and has inspirationally returned to the sidelines. I have heard many say that they believe that he is now a better man, but that he is a changed man.

Of course, as a fan we only see him from afar. I can’t say that Coach Pagano now coaches differently. Still, watching the Colts regularly leads me to conclude that he now coaches in fear of making a mistake or in fear of getting too excited on the sideline. I assume that his doctors have said that it’s not good for his health to get all riled up. I can understand that stress or getting too vocal could  have adverse health consequences, especially when the immune system is low.

I am writing this blog as a bit of a rambling piece on the emotion of fear. That’s because I see fear grip lives after car crashes, and that fear then has a lasting impression.

After the physical injuries have healed and people are no longer going to their doctor or physical therapist, I see fear that remains . That fear can manifest itself in different ways.

Sometimes, a client needs more treatment or even surgery. They tell me that they just cannot go back to the doctor. Fear of needles or fear of being put under anesthesia, or even the fear of having surgery and not being able to provide for their family by being away from work. Fear of losing a job while getting the necessary treatment.

I have seen clients who can no longer ride in cars at fast speeds, or who avoid getting on major interstate highways; choosing to travel back roads instead, or simply avoiding certain trips.

Others live with a fear of re-injury. They are restricted in their activities that others take for granted.

I could list many more fears that I hear from clients. That’s why I use the analogy of Coach Pagano and how I believe that a life event has made him to coach fearfully. The same kind of fear that is caused from a major event like a car crash.

I believe that the emotion of fear can be the greatest damage of all in an injury claim. As the lawyer putting on evidence of damages to a jury, fear serves as a motivator to make sure I have done all that I can to show the long lasting impacts of a car crash on a client’s life.   FEAR. That is a big word.

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