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Let Me Be Random

Here’s a starter thought for Our Wednesday! (should I add the legal disclaimer;)


I started to write a very thoughtful and pensive blog. (Well, not really) Instead, I end up wondering whether the spoon really bends. (It’s all in the Matrix) Now that’s random! And here’s more random from the collection.

There are no female characters in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. When he wrote it, he was following the instructions of his stepson, Lloyd Osbourne, who wanted him to write a story “about a map, a treasure, a mutiny and a derelict ship…No women in the story.” Now that would be frowned upon today… right?

Next is a story from about a 94-year-old woman who celebrates working at McDonald’s for 44 years… and she has no plan for retirement! (Story Here)

Velcro was invented by  Swiss George de Mestral, (Wouldn’t it be wild if my name was Joel de Bieber?) who was inspired by the way that burrs attached to his clothing, while he was hunting with his dog.

The average days of school in the world is 200 days per year. (I always feel like it should be are not is…why?) That considers that the average in the United States is 180 days; Sweden is 170 days and Japan is 243 days.

And for pic o’ day, deep thoughts… from your dog? (Maybe you will be inspired to invent)


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