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In Search of the Truth

Truthiness is defined as a quality characterizing a “truth” that a person intuitively knows “from the gut” or because it feels right. Truthiness is not based on evidence, logic, intellectual examination or facts.

Comedian Steven Colbert is credited as originating the word. He claims that he came up with the word by “pulling it right out of my keister”.

Not long ago, I had a case where my client’s recitation of the facts was completely different than the defendant’s version. It was a question of whether the defendnat had a green arrow or whether that driver simply ran a red light. Initially, it was one of those “He said/He said” cases. Fortunately, a traffic signal camera proved by video that the defendant had just “blown through” a red light.

In another case, a witness says that client was sitting in a parked car for somewhere between 15-30 minutes. Fortunately, a local gas station’s cameras captured the entire events, to include that the client was only at the location for approximately a minute.

In the first story, the defendant’s version of the events was what he wished the truth to be. Hence… not the truth! In the second story of the witness, there seems to be no motivation for the incorrect testimony. Maybe the false memory is simply Truthiness.

That leads me to the strange tale of of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. He has been caught telling a tale about being in a helicopter in 2003, and being forced down by enemy fire in Iraq. (story)  He is now facing a full “Fact-Checking” review at NBC. (NY Times)

Now, there are other questionable stories being put forth, including a story involving Hurricane Katrina. Williams continues to dig himself deeper and has now removed himself from his Nightly News broadcast. That might be code for having his boss tell him to take a timeout. I’m guessing that his days as anchor may be coming to an end.

Williams claims that he was not accurate about his Iraq helicoper story because he was in “the fog of war”. That reminds me of Roger Clemens telling Congress, that testimony about him being injected with steroids and/or Human Growth Hormone was actually testimony that was misremembered. Another new word in our vocabulary regarding  the question of what is the truth.

I could go on to describe the story of the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. However, it almost seems as though the Brian Williams’ stories seem to be more of an urban legend than those. Will the SyFy channel soon be doing a series titled In Search of the Brian Williams Truth Maybe Brian Williams should wear a GoPro camera on his head. We live in strange times!


Did you know that that Avocado was originally known as the alligator pear. I promise… that’s not truthiness.

And for pic o’ day, some more on truth:

the truth

Case Investigation Puzzle

The  Friday/weekend blog usually takes us to the week’s collection of stuff. I went to the cupboard of accumulated news and ended up elsewhere.

This week I could have written about Governor “Rolex Bob” McDonnell or Tan Mom’s Rehab. Of course, those seemed even more confusing than the Puppy-brother” commercial.  Yes, it is quite the cupboard of stuff.

I did find the “Droopy Pants Robber” as almost blog-worthy. But, how many lines can you write about someone who gets caught because of flashy underwear.

The Queen is getting a raise. (CNN) Her salary increase will be about 5.2%, which means that she will earn the equivalent of about 60 million U.S. dollars. Now that is certainly blog-worthy. Still, that’s all there is to the story and you know by now, I just enjoy the journey of writing!

No, I thought I would finish the blog with a story from inside the office this week. You be the judge.

Briefly on the facts. The prospective client initially called and said that he had been hit by a car, while standing in the middle of the road.  The fact pattern was a bit unclear in the description; so we secured the accident report to see what the police officer had reported.

On the accident report, the officer did not find anyone at fault. He issued no tickets.  He did note that the car had clipped the pedestrian (our prospective client) while the pedestrian was walking and talking on his cell phone.

I don’t think that I need to “toot my own horn” to suggest that something was not adding up.


(OK, it’s true, I was trying to figure out a way to sneak this picture in the blog!)

We decided to look for the witnesses. We found some, who said that our client was in the middle turning lane. It’s that lane on some roads where cars traveling from either direction can turn left or right.

No one had seen our client on a cell phone and there was no indication that, upon impact, a cell phone landed anywhere in the road. Isn’t that what you would expect?

We are ordering copies of his phone records to further clarify the “cell phone issue”  and compare calls to the time of the accident.

Sometimes, you just have to raise your hand and ask for help!

Frog Fries

Now the strange part. The witnesses that were interviewed claimed that they saw the man get hit when the car swerved in and out of his lane. They rushed to help him. They are black, just like the pedestrian. According to them, the police officer initially came up to them with his gun drawn, as he approached the group surrounding the man on the ground.

The driver  of the car is white. We have been unable to speak to him.

Right now, it is still unclear as to the exact place of where the car hit him. It is uncontradicted that the pedestrian was hit by the car mirror. To date, we have not spoken to the officer, but hope to.

What is certain is that the pedestrian is hurt. We are now representing him. It’s why you have to invest in investigation. Somewhere, the truth can be found.

And for pic o’ day, someone else taking a good look!

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