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A Real Story of Relationship

   Mail call was exciting for the soldiers of Vietnam. I suspect that they would have even appreciated an envelop of coupons, just to receive and open. I am told that there was always great hope for a letter from back home. Plus, if you had been “out in the bush”, you had the possibility that there might be several letters waiting for you.

     One Georgia boy received a letter that was address to “Dear Soldier”. A teenage group, from a church in Chesterfield, Virginia, decided to try a letter writing campaign. It was their way to try to encourage the Vietnam soldiers. They didn’t exactly know who they were writing to, so they would just address their letters to “Dear Soldier”.

     On the day when the 18-year-old boy from Georgia received his “Dear Soldier” letter, others were also receiving letters from the same youth group. This one was just randomly handed to him; it had been written by a 15-year-old girl in that Virginia church. She wrote to say thank you for serving; and that she was praying for the soldier that received it.

     When that Georgia soldier left Vietnam, and got out of the army, he went home to see his family in Georgia. Then, he decided to visit that church in Chesterfield, Virginia. He had kept the letter for almost 3 years, as an encouragement during tough times.

     When he arrived in Virginia and visited the church. He was also introduced to the girl who had written him the letter of encouragement. By now, she was 18 years old.

     Yep, the story doesn’t end there. They ended up dating and then got married, a little over a year later. They made their home in Virginia and still go to that same church. Now, the husband is getting close to 70.

     A few months back, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Together, they are battling it. At home, he helps to administer the chemotherapy. That same church is an encouragement to both of them. 

     I am greatly impacted by the story of this couple. For many years now, they have traveled life’s journey together, because he was the one that received that “Dear Soldier” letter.

     I  am told that some insurance adjusters read my blog. I hope that they are able to remember that the value of a claim and the things in life should not be just measured by computers and numbers. 

     Marie Dressler, an actress born in the 1800’s, said that life is learning that “only a few things are really important”. The love story of this couple is a reminder of what is important.  

Thought I would include what happens with arguing neighbors (I know, a little borderline), for pic o’ day. 


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