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Unusual Traffic Violation

KLAS (CBS Las Vegas) reports that a Las Vegas woman is complaining after receiving a $200 traffic ticket for applyingg ChapStick lip balm on her lips while driving.  State Trooper Lloyd Hixson cited her under a local ordinance categorized as Full Time Attention.

I have attached the article here because the story seemed a bit  unusual in driving safety enforcement. I thought it was like the old folklore story of the man who was supposedly  cited after he got up  from his Winnebago driver’s seat and caused a car crash. As the story goes, he put the vehicle on cruise control to go back and make a sandwich.

This is not like the old Winnebago sandwich story. It really is true.

According to the Trooper (Hixson), each ticket is issued on a case by case basis. Their intent is to stop distracted drivers and get their attention. According to Hixson, “One time I was driving down the highway and I saw a lady watching a movie on her iPad, and the iPad was attached to her steering wheel with Velcro”.

I guess that Velcro incident made him intolerant of Lip Balm and driving.

So, that’s the story of distraction and ChapStick. It seems pretty tough to lump that in with texting and driving but these national headlines may have a beneficial effect toward distracted driving.

And for pic o’ day, I can’t remember if I have posted this “Curmudgeon” before, but he makes me laugh:


Secrets and No Confidence

I titled this blog “Secrets and and No Confidence” because it involves the duty that a lawyer owes to a client, even after the matter of representation has ceased. In this instance, we also see a difference with a U.S lawyer and one overseas.

Let’s go across the pond where we see how the British treat secrets. A British lawyer (Guardian) has been formally rebuked and fined for violating a secret and confidence of a client. He revealed to his best friend’s wife that the author of the Harry Potter series had written a new novel under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

Once that news hit, the new novel’s sales began to skyrocket but it defeated the purpose of J.K. Rowling, who had hoped to show that she could successfully write without her past success propelling her. When she heard that her secret was out, she sued both the lawyer and the friend who had broadcast the news.

In the U.S. there probably would have been a greater ethical issue with this disclosure. Lawyers are not fined by the bar for an ethical violation, except to the extent of being responsible for the cost of a hearing relating to an ethical charge. I am not sure that Rowling would have much of a civil suit because it sounds as though she benefited financially by having the secret disclosed to the public. Still, how frustrating to have your lawyer let you down.

One final note, I couldn’t bring myself to write another blog on New Year resolutions. Still, wouldn’t it be a good thing just to be known to be able to keep a secret.

And for pic o’ day, it’s getting all dressed up and no where to go:


What Restaurant Tonight?

This is a blog to equip you with a research resource. The next time that you are trying to decide where to eat, would you like to know what is going on in the kitchen?

Sometimes I like to watch that TV show,  where they bring the TV chef in to scream at the owners and wait staff. It makes for good TV when the camera takes you down in the basement to see a crazy storage area. Well, the Virginia Department of Health does the same thing for Virginia restaurants. Behind the scenes.

Here is the site to do your own research. I have it bookmarked at the Richmond Health District, but you can click back to go to any area in Virginia.

Here’s one restaurant example: Mama Zu. ( I picked them because they were mean to me a few years back) It shows the history of inspections for 2010, 2011 and 2012. On July 24,2012, the Health Department found one critical violation that involved their receipt of raw meat and how the restaurant stored their little neck clams.

Was it too mean for the blog that I picked out a specific restaurant? Yes… it makes me feel bad; but not bad enough to just cite to “a restaurant”. Looking through this website made me feel like I was reading the National Enquirer;  Just a little bit.

What’s for dinner tonight?

Pic o’ day could have several captions. Maybe we should have a caption contest:



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