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How About Lion


Why did the lion lose at poker? Because he was playing with a cheetah. Boom!

Because it’s Friday… how about a lion story?

A man married a woman who owned a lion. She was also a huge Johnny Cash fan.

She was a good lion owner and took good care of her lion. Her husband promised that he would now also take care of her lion. This lion was leash-trained, so part of the care including taking the lion out for a walk.

One day, the woman called and said that she was stuck in traffic and asked her husband to take the lion out for a stroll. Unfortunately, the husband was also tremendously busy and he did not want to do it. But, he loved his wife and went ahead and did it anyway.

Later, His wife thanked him for doing it and also asked him why he was so willing to take her lion for such a long walk. The man replied, “Because you’re mine, I walk the lion“!

It’s the weekend… let’s enjoy!!!! It’s going to be a great one.

No sense in staying inside for this great weather.



Bunny Pictures and Team Concepts

I wanted to include the Easter theme in Our Blog… so let’s get started:

IMG_2258I guess this would be a typical day in the life of computer bunny repairs?

IMG_2259And now a bit of real blogging, even though I am not the originator. I so enjoyed learning about this team concept. There is something truly moving about this:


and finally,



I hope you have a wonderful and meaningful weekend! I so enjoy a sunrise service.

Turning the Clocks Forward

I had a great weekend! And doesn’t it sound positive to turn the clocks forward?

It was filled with activities that included going to a play on Friday at the Virginia Repertory Theatre. The play is adapted from a book titled The End of War, written by my friend and author David L. Robbins. Historical fiction that is attention-grabbing.

I also attended a retirement party in Virginia Beach, for Brenda Jennings. She taught me in high school and has had such an impact on so many lives. Mary Jo Harrell posted pictures and a video and also tagged them to my Facebook page. One video posting includes me saying a few words of thanks. (Yes, if you see it, you might notice that I did grow some facial hair. It’s cold outside!)

And one final mention from the weekend. I attended a soccer tournament in Richmond and watched my 11-year-old nephew play. It was cold but really made me smile.

These are the good days!

This upcoming week filled with lots of basketball and the excitement of the start of the NCAA tournament. Will a Cinderella team dance to the final four?  More twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube.

The hope of excellence. The certainty of excitement. The sanctity of pure competition. (I know… I’m getting crazy. I was pretending that my sequence of sentences was being read in one of those sports announcer voices, like the voice that famously spoke “The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field” in NFL Films)

With all that sports and basketball in mind, that leads me to a good reminder of the pursuit of success. This comes from a Nike poster:

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.
And that is why I succeed.

Michael Jordan
And for pic o’ day, from Bleacher Report. A creative NCAA basketball game sign that makes me laugh:


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