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Whitey and Weight Watchers

      Have you been watching or reading news about the Whitey Bulger mobster trial? There are a lot of articles to read. Still, the ABA Journal recently gave a unique look into the defense strategy.

     Apparently Bulger’s lawyers feel that they need to let the jury see a softer side, after all the evidence of violence. They uploaded 20 photos to the court website, with the intent to make them trial exhibits in the racketeering conspiracy case.

     The photos show Bulger with his girlfriend, his brothers, his two dogs, a parrot, a goat and a priest. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the lawyers may want to reconsider the priest photo. Monsignor Frederick Ryan was defrocked after he was accused of sexually abusing teen boys in the 1980’s.       

     DID YOU KNOW?  On Friday, Weight Watchers stock shares lost about 20% of their value. Yes… they were trimmed. Their CEO resigned to “pusue other opportunites”. So, here’s a solution in our “Did you know?” question today. A 100-pound person would weigh about 38 pounds on Mars. I’m guessing Weight Watchers has determined that there is no need to open up branch planet offices!

     And for pic o’ day, we go to a success… well, at least seeing things in a positive light:

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