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Wednesday’s History Trivia

First, some Halloween humor:


Trivial Pursuit is a board game that involves players attempting to answer questions to demonstrate their general knowledge. Here are some facts about women that you might not know:

Alene B. Duerk, head of the Navy Nurse Corps, was the first woman in the U.S. Navy to be promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.

The designer of the Statue of Liberty, French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, used his wife as the model for the body and his mother as the model for the face. (Just a thought. Were family holidays interesting… or argumentative?)

In 1930, the heaviest a female flight attendant could weigh was 115 pounds. They also had to be unmarried nurses. ( Seems to be a bit restrictive for application. And does it seem a bit disconcerting about flying safety that only nurses could apply? Might explain why I am not a big fan of flying.)

She was born Florence Nightingale Graham but was better known by her business name, which became a cosmetics empire: Elizabeth Arden.

Here is some Kennedy family history: Rose Kennedy was the daughter of the Mayor of Boston, the wife of the Ambassador to England, and the mother of a President: John F Kennedy; and two Senators Robert and Ted Kennedy. She lived to be 104 years old, outliving four of her nine children.

And finally, former Senator and Presidential/Vice Presidential candidate summed it up, “Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law.” 

And now our pic o’ day. A bit mean, but it when it was forwarded to me “for the blog”, it made me laugh:



It’s going to be a great Wednesday!!



Lawsuit for Bad Packaging

The title of the article from grabs your attention: Birth control packaging error leads to lawsuit by surprised moms, report says.

Over 100 women have filed suit against Pharmaceutical company Qualitest Inc., seeking damages that include the costs of raising children who were born in unplanned pregnancies. The lawsuit claims that women became pregnant because of mislabeling on the birth control packaging.

It’s a brief news story attached, but the comments are truly worth reading. I suspect that you can guess what gets readers fired up. Of course there’s the old, “people will file suit over anything, instead of being happy” comment. While others are outraged at yet another pharmaceutical mistake.

Just gives you something to think about in the Friday blog in the “unusual lawsuit department”! I feel like I should be hearing, “I’ll take unique lawsuits for $200, Alex”.


Advertising and Long Life Secrets

As a lawyer, I have been advertising for over 20 years. I regularly am asked by other lawyers, “What works”?” When I first started, they asked me, “Does advertising work?” I don’t get asked that question anymore.

Usually, I don’t share my “secrets”. In this blog, I am going to tell you an advertising secret, because I know that you will keep it just between you and me. Thus, this contains an advertising secret and a secret for extending a man’s life.

Usually, when a new sales representative calls on the Firm, they “want to learn about our business, so they can help us with our advertising”. That’s really code for “I haven’t done research; I haven’t looked at your website, but we do have a good fire-sale this weekend.”

I’ve read enough sales books to know that there is a real line of demarcation, between being successful in sales and just being an order taker. In my business, an order taker hasn’t really taken the time to learn the difference between retail and professional. A lawyer has time. Fortunately, there are no items sitting on a shelf that are going to spoil . No “drink the milk” by this date.

As a result, some sales people come in with pre-conceived notions that we target some specific race or financial category. I guess they forget that everyone gets in accidents. Plus, I’m guessing that you might have read my previous blogs and come to the conclusion that I think that all insurance companies are equally unfair, when it comes to paying out money.

That leads me to the secret. It’s who I target in my advertising. Well……. I target women. Why? Because experience has led me to believe that men are notorious procrastinators. They may know that they need to go to the doctor or dentist; or call a lawyer; They just don’t get around to it. Then, their significant other will get tired of hearing them complain and finally set an appointment. Maybe the term “set in stone” came from cavemen who went to the doctor or caveman lawyer, when their wife put it on their calendar.

Now, here’s the connection to how I know that I’m right. Sure, 20 plus years of advertising has told me some things that work. In addition, there’s a new study discussed in an article, in Parade on Sunday. Parade says that married men live longer. Here’s the quote:


“That’s not necessarily true. Scientific studies show it’s not married people who live longer but married men. The bulk of the evidence shows little, if any, advantage for married women. With men, the key risk appears to be divorce, which can disrupt vital ties to family members and friends for years to come. In the Terman study, steadily married men were likely to live to age 70 and beyond, but fewer than a third of the divorced men reached old age. Divorce not only harms men directly but also sets in motion other unhealthy behaviors. Steadily married women in the Terman study lived somewhat longer than women who divorced and then remarried. But women who divorced and never remarried did just fine—in fact, they usually lived long lives.”

The point of the blog is that lawyers would be well served to heed the advice of focusing their practice on women. They, are the “doers” , not the procrastinators. Men would be well served to be married. We now know that, apparently, we men don’t add much to the length of life, for women. I guess that means we better remember to keep them smiling, so we’ll keep them around! (Does it sound like my blog is geared to the ladies?:)

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