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So, How Are You?

     For a Tuesday blog, I was influenced by Monday’s Labor Day. It seemed to be a bit of an oxymoron to be off on Labor Day. Although, it was a continuing reminder that our lives are certainly framed by our jobs. Moods and happiness are an extension of our daily labors.

     Labor Day has an interesting origin. While it is observed to “celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers”; It also is a recognition that Labor was at strife with employers and government. Not until a number of workers died at the hands of the Military and the U.S Marshals, did President Grover Cleveland recognize it as a Federal holiday.

     This is not a blog to provide a history lesson. Instead, Labor Day reminded me of why I am happy at my job. 

     There have been times in my life when I was not well enough to go to work for periods of time. I remember thinking “I just wish that I was back in my routine and could go to work”.

     Now, when people give  me the perfuntory greeting of “How am I doing?” I often wonder what expression they would give if I really decided to give a health answer, instead of “doing great”.

     I could launch in to that I feel as though I am  still rehabbing my knee that was surgically repaired 10 years ago. Is it starve a knee and feed a hip? I could add that I have no cavities in my wisdom teeth. I do have a great regimen of flossing and brushing. I’m so good at it that maybe my dentist will offer me a part-time position as a motivational speaker. I must be honest though, about my wisdom teeth health; I think that such tooth celebration is really more related to having those teeth removed when I was 17.

     I could continue that I ingest heavy volumes of ice tea and coffee on a daily basis. I am highly caffeinated at all times; although, I have noticed withdrawal symptoms around 5 am each day. My kidney health is great and I regularly watch television, which shows that I have no exercise limitations.

     My mental health is great and I have no voices in my head that are singing or counting cards. Barking dogs and crying children in restaurants don’t always erode my sanity.

     I feel no real desire to go deer or turkey hunting but I do have keen eyesight and can spot good cheesecake from a far away seat. I am willing to try new types of activities and interests, as long as they do not involve airplanes. Flying does increase my blood pressure.  

     Yes, that’s how I am really doing. Instead, today I would just reply that I am doing great and glad to be back at work. Monday is a good reminder that I enjoy that I can labor.

     For pic o’ day, I went with items from the blog. Well, maybe I’m reaching just a bit.




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