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Two Sides to a Shoe

It came down to family loyalty or being part of the team. At least that's how Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, apparently saw it. It was a question over which shoes he would wear.

 Marcus Jordan wore a pair of white Air Jordans during a University of Central exhibition win over Saint Leo College. (ESPN). He is a freshman on the basketball team. Since Michael Jordan has been forever linked with his shoe brand and poster logo that goes on the side of the shoes, it doesn't seem surprising the Marcus would wear his father's brand.

The problem with this is that UCF is in the last year of a five year contract with Adidas. The contract requires all coaches and athletes to use Adidas apparel and equipment. Because of contract issues, this could cost the school up to 3 Million dollars. That, and now the players probably don't have new Adidas shoes to wear.

Adidas sent an email to the Associated Press that stated, "The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to Adidas. As a result, we have chosen not to continue our relationship moving forward". The school issued its own statement by saying that, "We are disappointed to learn that Adidas has chosen to discontinue its relationship with UCF Athletics". Marcus had said that he would only wear Nike Air Jordan shoes because they hold special meaning to the family.

I notice that Marcus didn't mention that they also hold special meaning to the family bank account. I guess we'll see if this leads to a lawsuit and, will Jordan shoes now step up and make up the difference in a big way. I guess it also takes the old saying to a new meaning, "if the shoe fits, wear it" because Marcus will only wear one shoe. Hopefully his teammates aren't in socks for the next one!    

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