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A Football Lesson

This weekend, I was "stuck" in the house because of the pelting snow. When you construct the perfect weekend, it usually includes being with family, being curled up with a good book and not having to go anywhere. Then, when it really happens, you realize that maybe it's not really the perfect weekend! I think I'd rather take my wife on a nice vacation.

Nowadays, curled up with a good book includes also reading your kindle and surfing the internet. Because the Colts are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, it also causes me to search the ends of the earth for anything written about the Colts. Occasionally, you even find a nugget or a life lesson in some of these articles. 

On Friday, a client called to discuss her medical treatment. Her injuries are so significant, that even after the conclusion of her claim, she will suffer permanently and need continuing medical treatment. It's understandable that she regularly faces depression over not feeling well. In addition, she remarked that everyday, she remembers the accident and is having a hard time with that too.

My client's feelings are understandable. Hopefully, counseling and time will help heal emotionally and physically. For client's like this, I hope that the insurance company will not make her "live through" the crash again, by making her go through a jury trial to get what she deserves. In many instances, I try to elicit testimony from family and friends, as much as possible, instead of my client, so they don't have to be so descriptive about their difficulties.

The Indianapolis Star did a story on a rookie cornerback for the Colts. In the Championship game last week, that sent the Colts to the Super Bowl, the player let a receiver get behind him and score on an 80 yard touchdown pass. All cornerbacks say that they feel like they are on an island out there, when they are covering receivers by themselves, knowing that a mistake or misstep will cost their team. Plus, a rookie even feels that much more pressure.

The reporter asked this rookie cornerback how he was able to overcome his mistake. Compounding the misstake was that it was in front of thousands of fans and millions of TV viewers. As a cornerback, he said that you have to have a short memory. Otherwise, you'll keep dwelling on what happened in the past and not be able to do well the next time. He said that he remembers the receivers that score on his mistakes, but he also forgets.

Real life isn't a football game. You don't just "get over it" when you face hard times and, it is hard to put behind you. However, this article caused me to remember an HBO special that I watched years ago, called "A Century of Living", where life was seen through several who had lived beyond 100 years. One gentleman summed up his life by saying that life is filled with a lot of ups and downs. You can either choose to pick yourself up and move on or not. His reason for long life was that he just kept on going.  


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