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A Memorial Day to Remember

     Some blogging can stir us up. If the topic is “Are Ramen noodles good for our health?”.  Well, that’s more drive-by. You might look at it but it doesn’t have a lasting impression as a topic.

     Memorial Day is a combination of  “get togethers”, honoring and remembering. Hopefully, our emphasis will be on the latter.  On this day, there will be parades, picnics, family and relaxation . There will be arguments over whether Barbeque should be vinegar or sauce. For others, there will be choices of a  day off or work and possible overtime. 

     Thursday’s USA Today  reported on two WW II veterans, Bob Murphy and George O’Connell, who met in a continuing care community in Georgia.  A former war pilot and the other, a ship’s captain. I hope you will click on the story if you have not yet seen it. It’s a story of military veterans,  not unlike many others.

     It’s a reminder of two that returned who downplay their sacrifice and accomplishment. They are living heroes who say that they aren’t heroes;  they say that the real heroes never returned. 

     Whenever I sit to blog, I pick a topic and category and have the freedom to type without fear. A recent Nielsen poll says that a majority of voters say that in the next election, they will vote for the candidate not already in office. No experience is better than what is currently governing.  They give this opinion and challenge our current government leadership without fear. What an amazing freedom without fear.  

     This Memorial Day is a time to remember those that protected our freedoms. It’s to honor those who didn’t come back; for those who did come back and for those who are fighting right now and keep protecting. There is a great deal of meaning in this single day. I hope that you have a great Memorial Day.      


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