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Hezekiah’s Wall Prayer

     I was preparing a client for his upcoming trial.  We were going over evidence that would be  introduced. I came to the the discussion of life expectancy and I explained that there was a code section that I would be introducing into evidence for the jury to consider, in considering his need for medication. According to the law, his life expectancy was almost 30 more years. His question to me was, “Why can’t they consider more?”

     The Bible tells us about one man who knew how long he had to live and it wasn’t just some code section estimation. King Hezekiah was feeling sick and he had a visit from the famous prophet, Isaiah. Isaiah told him to “set his house in order” because he was going to die from his illness.

     At the time of this news, Hezekiah was 39 years old. He didn’t like the message of the prophet nor his “bedside manner”. Feeling depressed, he turned his face to the wall and prayed. He asked God for healing and more life. God answered his prayer (Isaiah 38) and added 15 years to his life.

     I’ll bet that at first, 15 years seemed like a long time. Then, when they were singing happing birthday on his 53rd birthday or something like “Hasn’t he been a jolly good fellow for 53 years”, he knew that there would be no more leaven birthday bread with candles, for him. (taking a little literary license here)

   Life expectancy is not something that most want to think about. Of course, choices  might be different if we really knew the length of our days.

     Last week, I met with a client that asked me what would happen to his case, if he did not live through the whole process. He asked me with such ease that I knew that he must have a relationship with God. Because of health issues, he does not expect to live the amount of years that the law recognizes as his life expectancy.

     I explained the legal impact of  “what happens to his claim under the law”, and then I asked him why he was at such peace with the consideration of his remaining years. He smiled and repeated the title to the song, that I have heard many times, “Count Your Blessings“. Despite all that had happened to him, he still believed in counting his blessings and to  “name them one by one”.

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