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Sue The Deer

     Not long ago, I receive a call from a “prospective client”. She had been driving in the evening hours and a deer darted out in front of her.  She hit the deer and caused serious damage to the car.  She wanted to know if she could sue. “Sue the deer” I asked? “Well, I didn’t do anything wrong”, She said.

      I went on to ask whether she had exchanged insurance information with the deer and she didn’t understand why I was asking that. I guess I should have just said that we weren’t handling deer cases this month.

     I did once handle a cow case. It really was a case because the farmer that owned the cow, had responsibility to keep his cow in the pasture.  His cows had wandered before and coincidentally, the neighbors were tired of it. They were more than willing to let me know about their irritation about those “wandering cows”.

     The issue of whether the farmer had notice, was satisfied by those potential witnesses.  The police officer must have been demonstrating his sense of humor,  because he wrote on the accident report “Cow wandering without headlights”.

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