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Unicorn Meat: It’s Just Wrong

     I love a good marketing story that runs into the legal world. That’s just what happened, when ThinkGeek advertised Unicorn meat as “The other white meat” and even ran an online ad for canned Unicorn meat. The selling point: it’s sparkly.

    The “Other White Meat” guys got in touch with their lawyer. Soon, the National Pork Board sent the Web site a cease-and-desist letter for infringing on its “the other white meat” trademark.

     ThinkGeek took it as good news, when they received the letter,  because it just served as additional marketing for them. First, they issued an apology through their CEO, Scott Kaufman, by stating that “It was never our intention to create a national crisis and misguide American citizens regarding the differences between the pig and the unicorn”.  He also added that such meat is not approved by any governmental entity. decided to make good on its apology, by offering special discounts to anyone who was offended by its campaign. For a limited time, they offered $10 off any purchase of Bacon Soap, Bacon Lip Balm, Bacon Mints, and of course, the ever popular BaconPop Flavored Popcorn. I am not sure if they sell a bacon wig,  but I think it would stay in place on breezy days. I know, I could have left that last sentence out.

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