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DR Oz on Hormone Therapy

     If you are a DR Oz show watcher and you are also trying to learn more about hormone therapy options, then his opinion will matter to you. It’s not so good for Wyeth/Pfizer. Since this Firm is still in the middle of litigation regarding the hormone therapy drug, Prempro, then Dr Oz’s recent entry on hormone therapy is very relevant. I’m guessing that these Pharma companies would disagree with him.

     In response to a question to him about what to do in fighting menopausal symptoms, Dr Oz addressed what to consider, in light of the allegations that hormone therapy causes breast cancer. In response, he suggested a consideration of three things:

     1.Estrogen used alone, slightly decreased the risk of breast cancer; which suggests that the problem relating to the breast cancer increase, was  a result of combining estrogen with a combination of progesterone. (those involved in the Prempro litigation, know about this combination)

     Dr Oz’s second consideration in using hormone therapy is that it is now safer, due to previous studies. Attention was brought to the hazards of hormone therapy, when the Women’s Health Initiative began a study that included a control group. The volunteers in the control group, taking the hormone therapy, were developing cancer at  such alarming rates, that the study was halted before it was completed.  A side benefit  is that now, more are aware and alternatives are proving to be potentially safer.

     Dr Oz believes that the third consideration in using hormone therapy, is that he feels that there is mounting evidence that it can help in protecting woman from heart disease. (more evidence needs to be developed on this benefit)

     What is Dr Oz’s viewpoint on the product, Prempro, that was manufactured by Wyeth, and is now a Pfizer product. Well, I’ll let him put it in his own words:Prempro, a mix of equine estrogens (from pregnant horses) and synthetic progesterone, which we now know disrupts estrogen’s heart and breast benefits. While this combo is still prescribed (there’s been a lower-dose form since 2003), you should insist on today’s different — and much safer, in our opinion — types of estrogen and progesterone. They can lower your breast cancer risk and help your heart.

     What does Dr Oz recommend now as a product for hormone therapy:
What are the newer, safer forms? Bioidentical estrogen (estradiol) and micronized progesterone, which doesn’t block estrogen’s artery-pampering effects. We and many other doctors recommend them. If you’re already using HT, you may be taking them. They’re sold as individual drugs (Estrace, Prometrium) and combo products (Angeliq)

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