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Truth or Consequences of the Elections

     A new fast food commercial shows a chicken, stomping and clucking, while the voice over announcer  asks us whether we can find the chicken nuggets on the chicken.  Then, on behalf of the commercial, he says “neither can we”.

     A young boy was asked to give the definition of the word “lie”. In response, he recited two Bible verses, put together, as his definition. He said, “a lie is an abomination unto the Lord, but a very present help in time of danger”.

     The elections will send some back to their offices and others that as replacements. All have made promises. I thought that an election blog should be short because that would be exactly opposite of all the political rhetoric. Following all the elections, we will now know what’s real or what is just something dreamed up as a nugget. How about someone keeping a promise for a change?

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