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No Resolutions Blog

     I kept sitting down to work on a New Year’s  blog and kept coming up nothing, really.  Then, I realized that it becomes more difficult to come up with something creative, when it involves a topic that has so many authors.

     Instead, I thought I would blog to myself a reminder; almost a time capsule, so I could look back at past blogs and be reminded of the simplicity of what I should be doing at the beginning of a new year.

     Usually, people exhale when they come to the end of the year and get ready to turn the page. The decorations are probably down by now and you’ve already begun your new year’s resolutions. In fact, I have already seen several “new runners” on the road, and I know that the gym will be filled with enthusiastic faces, as they tackle their workout and weight loss goals.

     I look at resolutions like birthday wishes; maybe you shouldn’t really verbalize them; Just blow out the candles and get to the cake.

     For me, this year I decided to focus on concepts, rather than just goals. Look forward in the morning and backward at night and value what happened during the day.

     “Our Daily Bread” reminded me of a letter that Albert Einstein wrote to his son. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.

     I’m not sure what 2011 has in store. Already, it has brought some smiles. I just know that I am determined to try to focus on every day. That goal isn’t that easy, but maybe it will help me keep my balance the whole year.

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