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Random Randomness

I’m told that I’m supposed to use blog titles that might have some Internet optimization quality. I don’t think this title will pass muster.  But, it does allow me to just insert some legal news and attachments without any organization.

I usually try to give brief descriptions with a comment and give the attachment, in case you want to read more. Some just make it hard to even give a thought. Of course, Dick Cavett said, “It’s a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear”.  Maybe that goes for reading a blog too.  See, the randomness begins.

First story comes from Connecticut. Police were called when a 911 call was placed to advise that someone was on the playground giving children beer. Two were charged with giving beer to a 4 year-old and beer and cocaine to a 10 month-old child. (Looking away uncomfortably.)

Next from MSNBC.  Five people were stabbed during a “Welcome Home From Jail Party”.  One woman was also detained for allegedly firing a gun.   (Not sure if I should insert something like they played “Pin the tail on the human” or just suggest that the title of the party was a bit prophetic) announced Toronto’s worst named restaurants. Just a sample: “The Big Chubby Burger”. Of course, I’m probably not one to criticize since I once owned a restaurant named “Glutton’s”. The concept was that all sandwiches were so big that only a Glutton could finish one. I know; with that concept, you’re not surprised that the result was that I must have been a Glutton for punishment. (Just thought I’d throw this story in for some marketing discussion)

Finally, here’s a news story from an “Occupy Portland” event.  Police were walking through the event to make sure that the demonstration remained peaceful. One guy seemed to be drunk, so the police decided to speak with him and  put him through a test  to determine if he should be charged for being drunk in public. He assured them that he wasn’t and went on to show them that he had a mason jar that was filled with bags of marijuana. Yep, that’s quite a defense.

And now, it just seems like we need some organization to get away from such randomness. Here’s pic o’ day:

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