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The Stands of Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli  probably has made both sides of the aisle a bit unhappy. He expressed his personal opinions regarding Federal  tort reform, and applied his same reasoning to restricting the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA).

Now, I know that politics can be some pretty boring stuff. I’ll bet that a few have already scrolled to pic o’ day. So, I’ll try to be quick.

Big Business and The Chamber of Commerce decided a long time ago that it’s cheaper to influence Congress and the US Senate,  rather than spending money in every state, trying to influence each legislator. So, if you can get favorable laws enacted Federally that override states’ rights, then you’ve done it in one vote; controlling 50 states.

Ken Cuccinelli has taken the position that the Federal Government should not be involved in the business of what individual states do; particularly Virginia.  He wrote an editorial piece in the Washington Post on Sunday, expressing this very point that would keep the federal government from restricting lawsuits, or enacting lawsuit caps, or requiring states to ignore their own laws, in favor of the Federal Government.

Here’s a short version of what he said about such Federal action. Specifically, he was also addressing Senate Bill 197 that attempts to cap damages in medical malpractice cases. “This legislation expands federal power, tramples states’ rights and violates the Constitution. If it were ever signed into law, by a Republican or Democratic president, I would file suit against it just as fast as I filed suit when the federal health-care bill was signed into law.”

Such expressed opinion goes against many in the Republican Party. In keeping with that thought, he disagrees with Democrats because he blasted the EPA, in testimony before a US  House Committee. He believes that upcoming air quality regulations would have a devastating impact on Virginia.

The EPA has regulations in effect to take place soon, that would require coal-fired plants to make equipment changes and retrofitting of their facilities,  to decrease  pollution. He believes that such restrictions will put such burdens on the coal companies that it will cause business closings and cost jobs.

OK, I know I’m getting carried away with politics. The quick point is that, even though there may be evidence that the EPA is trying to restrict mercury, arsenic, dioxin and other pollutants, Cuccinelli is again saying, “Federal Government… Stay out, let’s States take care of this”.  Just something to think about.

Now, if you’ve made it to the bottom, here is pic o’ day… Feeling left out:

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