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Hospital Assignment Form

When it’s time to sit down and do a blog, sometimes I am faced with “which one to choose?”. I thought the “choice” gave me an excuse to use these coconuts. Now that I’ve attached them, I kind of find them a bit distracting.

So, let me get to the blogging.  Today, I saw correspondence from a hospital that made me shake my head. But, let me start from the beginning.      

     A few months ago, a lady was involved in a car crash that broke her arm. She was taken by ambulance to a South Carolina hospital. They initially began treating her by casting the arm and giving her pain medication.

     Then, while she was sitting there, someone from the hospital billing came with forms for her to sign. By now, the pain medication had kicked in. She doesn’t have a clear memory of all the events but she does remember signing with her left hand; since her right, dominant hand was in a cast.

     About a month later, the lady called us to represent her. After she signed a medical authorization form, we requested her medical records from the hospital.   Soon, we received those records which also included that original billing assignment form that she had signed with her left hand.

     On the form, we noticed that it authorized The Joel Bieber Firm to protect this hospital bill at the time of settlement or disbursement. Not that unusual except; At the time that the client had signed the form, I’m not sure if she had decided to hire a lawyer for her crash. I do know that she had not hired or even called us.

     When this lady had signed the form, apparently there was a blank there. After the hospital received our letter of representation, they just filled in the form with “The Joel Bieber Firm”. Effectively, they changed the assignment form.

     Can you imagine ever thinking that you would sign a contract or form, and then having someone just add to it several days later? Apparently, this hospital does it on accident cases. Someone, I think, has some strange thinking going on in their coconuts, over at that billing department! 

     And for pic o’ day, I saw a story about singer, Shakira, almost being attacked by a Sea Lion. Thankfully her brother rescued her. Not a story for the blog; but I decided to look up pictures of Sea Lions. The first picture made me smile. OK, the second one does too. It compares to a character on “The Office”.



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