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A Highlights Magazine Reminder



“Highlights Magazine” still gives me a funny nervous feeling. It was that magazine that was always in the doctor’s office, that supposedly had fun games to occupy you; while you waited to go back to have all your teeth pulled out or had some big shot stuck in your arm. No kid likes that waiting room. reminded me with this above cartoon right from the magazine. When you play “What’s Wrong with this Picture?”, you begin to realize that it would be easier to play “what’s right?”.

Is that a toaster next to the cactus; next to the ice rink that people are swimming in? As you began to solve it, the wrongs start to overwhelm. Then, someone would open the door at the office and say, “Joel, are you ready?’ No, I wasn’t ready. I hadn’t finished my game that hundreds of other kids with grubby hands had already tried to solve, just like me.

Well, I promise that I will be brief in my analogy,  in case you want to go back to solving. Is that a running hotdog? See, I can get easily distracted too.

I just received another letter from an insurance company, where they were denying benefits to my client. In this instance, my client is also their policyholder. You would think that they would want to take care of their own instead of denying benefits. When my paralegal brought me the letter, she even remarked, “Why won’t they pay this?”

What  is wrong with the insurance picture?  That one Progressive insurance advertisement has “Go Big Money” dancing around and Flo says, “Go Big Money. I mean go, it’s your break honey”. I guess that’s it in a dancing answer. It’s about the money.

When you look at the picture to figure out what’s wrong with insurance, I probably could punch out a top ten list. They send out adjusters, sometimes called “pop out” adjusters; who pop out to the house within 24 hours and tell the person that they don’t need a lawyer. Why does it matter to the opposing insurance company whether a person hires a lawyer?

To keep it short… I just wanted to point your mind in the direction of “why”.  Insurance companies probably would keep people from calling lawyers, by making them feel like fairness prevailed.  Courtrooms would mostly sit empty and you wouldn’t have Warren Buffett with Geico, needing a lizard with an English accent to tell us how to compare insurance in the US.  Makes you stop and look closer at the picture.

Guess you could also ask what’s wrong with the Buffett rule?  Can’t everyone wear Parrot shirts and just be happy? Oh wait, is that like a running hotdog, out of place in this blog?   Where’s Waldo?

For pic o’ day, it went along with the blog… that you always need a good exit strategy:


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