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Life Expectancy Expectancy

I just read a story about Tokyo’s oldest living man… He died 30 years ago. (I know, it’s an old story) He supposedly was 111-years-old. When government officials went to the home to confirm his age, family members kept chasing the officials away. Finally, it was determined that his mummified body… you know, I don’t even want to finish that story. I guess it just proves that not living to be the oldest can also be news.

In my mailbox this weekend, I received Muncy’s “The Luminary” newspaper. I turned to page 5 to read “Peeks of the Past”. It reported that 100 years ago, “Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Finkle, Miss Maude Kline and J.Russell Smith enjoyed an automobile ride to Mifflinburg Sunday afternoon.” Now that’s living!

That brings me to the law. I am always fascinated to see the prediction of life in Virginia Code section 8.01-419. The General Assembly sometimes amends the life expectancy table. It’s used to determine time for damages.

Right now, a male baby is predicted to live 74.7 years. A female is listed at 80. I can predict what you’re thinking right now, after reading that.

The life expectancy table shows that if you live to be 100, then you have 2.2 more years as a man and 2.5 more years as a woman. If you want to play the “prediction of life” game, here is what the law says for you.  It’s a good thing that I’m not using the Mayan calendar. It’s not as optimistic. I’m counting on you surpassing the Virginia Code prediction. Let’s have a lot more years together in the blog!

For pic o’ day, here’s more of life:


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