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Parking Lots and Patience

I am an injury lawyer. That could mean cases from auto accidents, truck accidents and even cases against drug companies. It also sometimes includes parking lot cases.

If I told someone that I was a parking lot accident lawyer, I think that they would probably arch their eyebrows and ask, “So how’s that working out?” John Grisham likes picking on lawyers in his novels, as ambulance chasers; but I bet he hasn’t even considered “Parking Lot lawyers”.

So far, I know that this hasn’t grabbed you. Although, almost everyone has had a close call in a parking lot. Police can be called, but accident reports are most likely not filled out because the accidents usually occur on private property.

I do have some interesting parking lot cases currently pending. This isn’t a blog to sell the excitement of parking lot cases. But, many times, there are surveillance cameras that help establish fault.

The attachment below is something that I saw from a parking lot surveillance camera. It’s not from a case, but it’s good stuff. I hope you can click and watch.  I think the ending will make you smile.


[youtube cfK74nuhEy4]


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